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eddytheflow 06-14-2011 06:57 PM

brick/concrete repair in basement
here's the problem:

should i fix with these?


4just1don 06-14-2011 09:16 PM

you need the services of a block/brick layer unless you are well versed in this yourself. One near retirement who likes to do smaller repair type work,,,hard to find. What you can do is the 'grunt' work if you can. this involves replacing at least that wall,,and probably ALL of them if they are any where close to same.

He will show you how to lift and straighten the wooden structure of your house if needed,,, a portion at a time. pouring new footings and tying in one portion to the next. May have to tent outside to keep rain/ water from intrusion. digging all brick, concrete and digging back a foot outside of where new block will be. It is now a machine job,,,all back and arms with maybe a wheelbarrow tool, pick and shovel. If you can set up some sort of elevator up and outside to a waiting trailer or pickup will speed process. Lots of old elevators in grain country,,old conveyor etc.,,or a wheelbarrow up an incline. or scoop it outside and pick it up again. the clean dirt can be piled up for backfill. Might want to install drain tile with this project if it will help. Dont forget to use rubber membrane and black tar on outside sealing and slope outside dirt away /drainage severely.

this is a huge job but your options are limited with foundation like that. If you can fix it otherwise, good luck. Not what you wanted to hear. If you decide to just sell and move on,,,the sale discount will be steep!!! You may be able to make a more livable useful basement out of it with egress windows,,clean up a problem and have a more valuable house when all done!!!

eddytheflow 06-16-2011 04:03 PM

thank for the info.
no footers in our house, it's old!
and i'm not sure if the walls are even load bearing at all either as the basement looks like it was dug into after the house was build, just to allow space for a heaters.
so basically you're telling me that the only fix for this is to rebuild all the walls? no hydraulic cement, etc? :(

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