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Xtreme_99 01-04-2009 10:39 PM

Blown insulation
I bought a older house (1954) last year and the previous homeowner had put blown in insulation in the attic. thickness varies from about 6" to 15".

well the problem is that the lights in the house are im sure NON-IC rated. and the insulation was blown in over all the old wiring that is ran through the attic (which I was lead to believe is not right).

the house when i bought it had a horrid roof on it and was leaking slightly into the attic so i know that there area a few spots in the attic that have gotten fairly wet (based on the water spots in the plaster).

so all that being said.. I planned doing significant work up there replacing/moving/taking out some lights. repacing a few rafters
I figured while doing this I should just rewire the attic area right now.

now to the question is there a FEASIBLE way to remove blown insulation or move it to one side of the attic while I do the work in the other side. or what would be the best way to go about getting work done up there?

Just Bill 01-05-2009 05:56 AM

Wires are not a problem under insulation, but insulation too close to non-IC lights can be. And rewiring would not be simple. All splices must be in a J-box, and most wires come up/down thru walls. From an energy standpoint it is better to replace the lights with IC or airtight fixtures. Or pull the insulation away from the fixtures.

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