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While I realize that some supply houses do not want to deal with non-pros, it is becoming rare. I remember 20 years ago when I lived in Connecticut, many supply houses posted signs saying "Wholesale Only". But in this day of local and internet competition, I think most have changed and are happy to get any business they can.

But that does not relieve you of knowing what you need and not asking the counterman to spec out the job for you.

Any certainly supply houses give better prices to contractors and repeat customers. But this is common in any business; the more you buy or use, the lower the price.


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When you go to a contractor oriented shop, what they want is for you to tell them exactly what you want and how much of it you want. They expect their customers to know what they are doing and do not generally have time to give lessons or advice.
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The guys that dole out the parts are not paid well, it is a boring job and they are not actual tradesmen who can answer technical questions. They just know parts numbers and how to find parts on their computer system. Now you bring in some retired dude who wants to schmooze and yak their ear off for an hour and how do you imagine they feel. I agree people deserve respect and good service but the reality is their job may not be all that great to do. Especially when 3 phone lines are on hold waiting and dude wants free advice they are not going to be happy campers. People are people and It is what it is.
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We have a plumbing supply house right across the street from HD.
When a DIY comes in to buy parts- they are told to go across the street- Contractors only

Of the 4 plumbing suppliers here, I believe only one will sell to the public. They will still beat box store prices.
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When I go into a store such as Johnstone supply, I know exactly what I want but still get a hard time from people there for no reason.

Hell, I bought a Yellowjacket Brute II gauge set from them while I bet most of their contractor customers go for the cheaper gauges. They had very few of the Brute II's yet tons and tons of other cheaper gauge sets.
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Shop local hardware suppliers

I live in a small community in the Metro New Orleans area. My local hardware store has the most outrageous prices on everything. Hell, he wants $6 for two glue traps. I'll never give him another $3 for a freaking washer again.
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When we flooded from Isaacs wrath we made the decision to keep as much of our business as local as possible and away from the box stores. We tried to deal with 3 local supply stores. Same story for each one. You work with us on some of the larger orders and we will give you all our business (basically rebuild except for frame). I would have been happy for them to meet the big box. 2 turned us away because we were not contractors. The 3rd said sure and even gave us a tiered pricing for a contractor rate on everything that brought their pricing in way lower than the big box stores.

That one supply store has had over 20k of our business and will have a lot more by the time we are said and done. I know in the terms of contractors that is probably less than what you guys spend a month, but when its out of your own pocket its huge. We work with them on being flexible with deliveries and sometimes with delayed orders. When they have a larger order to fill we may wait a day or two but being as we are on our own time we don't mind. We also pay up front so they don't have to wait even though they offered us an account. They have gone as far as to call other supply houses to pave the way for us when they don't stock stuff and they have also provided us with reputable contractors for some of the things that we are not allowed to do. Very happy with them and more than happy to keep bringing them donuts
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Their is a little locksmith shop here. He is almost too crabby to deal with, yells about how he hates that import stuff. Needed a few deadbolts, went to the big box and bought the best they had. What total crap. How does the average diy guy deal with such crap. I understand better why that locksmith is so crabby.


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