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StevePax 11-08-2009 03:46 PM

Bathroom vanity?
I am closing in a couple of weeks on a fantastic house, built in 1978, that needs some serious updating. I'm sure I'll have questions on every single topic as I go through the entire house doing all sorts of work, but my question today is about bathroom vanities. We're going to get a new 48" wide vanity for that bathroom. It will be in a corner of the bathroom, such that the back and the right side will be up against walls, and will have a backsplash and a sidesplash. The other side will be visible. No problem, we can pick a great 48" vanity from almost anywhere. My question is about the vanity top - I can easily get a nice granite top from Home Depot, but they are all 49" tops, like this one:

I need this one to be flush with the wall on the right side, and overhang on the left side. Will I just set it so that it's flush on one side and it will have a 1" overhang on the left side? Then, won't the sink (pre-installed) be slightly off-center? It seems like that would be noticeable on a vanity with cupboard doors that close exactly in the center. Certainly I'm not the first person to want to install a vanity against a wall like this? This is driving my wife and I nuts!

oh'mike 11-08-2009 04:04 PM

Most people will not notice--However you have two choices;
1-add a filler strip to the wall side of the vanity during installation.
2-Cut the counter top so it's centered.

Not any thing to go nuts over-HaHa---MIKE---

LeviDIY 11-08-2009 04:09 PM

Agree with Oh Mike - I used that exact top from HD and had the extra overhang to one side. I imagine cutting granite is not your thing, so as Mike said, if you install the vanity 1/2 inch out from the right wall, you can then put a scribe piece (strip of wood that matches the vanity) to cover that gap. I just chose to ignore it, and really its not noticeable in the least.

Here's a link, btw, to a thread on that vanity top:

They say its sealed, but it isn't - be sure to seal it before use.

StevePax 11-08-2009 04:25 PM

Where do I get that strip of wood that matches the vanity to cover that gap? Do I just buy a piece of wood from Home depot and rip it to the right size, and try to match the stain color? Also, what if the countertop edges are finished with some sort of design, instead of just square?

Seems to me that there should be a nice solution to this thought out by the vanity makers, like they'd sell those filler strips of wood already sized and finished or something, because I'd think that putting a vanity in the corner is not uncommon!

Hurriken 11-08-2009 04:42 PM

I had the same situation and I let it overhang. It works fine but if I did it over I would have used a filler strip. My vanity is white so it would have been easy to paint a strip of pine white and use that. Your case may be tougher. Be careful of the vanity before you install it. The can be 'weak' until they are mounted. I broke the one of the cross spars by accident and I was not being rough. Everything is press board these days.

oh'mike 11-08-2009 04:48 PM

Most cabinets(the better ones any way) have fillers available -Stained and finished to match.

If you choose to cut the top-a diamond blade is required. The cut is hidden by the side splash.

Vanity filler is the less risky way to go.-MIKE-

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