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Shower is out. That was an experience.

I will probably use some incorrect terminology here, so bear with me.

I turned off the water and removed the plumbing fixtures, including the drain cover and the plastic threaded piece that attaches to the base of the shower and plumbing under the shower.

I then scored a line around the entire shower to free it from the caulking. I then cut out all of the drywall around the edges of the shower to reveal the “lip” of the shower that was under the drywall and removed the screws from the “lip” that were screwed into the studs. (I wasn’t sure if that “lip” was on the bottom of the shower too, under the floor tiles. I am retiling my floor as well, so I went ahead and removed the tile directly in front of the shower. No “lip” there. Good thing I am ripping up the floor tile too ).

I removed the shower door. When I removed the header of the shower door, the door fell. I screamed. Good thing it was open and fell edge side first into the wall (making a small hole above the toilet). If it had been closed, it would have fell glass side into the toilet and shattered. Crisis averted.

After taking the rest of the frame off, I drilled a hole with a one inch hole saw drill bit. I then used a cheap Black & Decker jigsaw with Bosch blades made for cutting wood (No. 10)---that’s the number that was on them. I removed two small pieces just to get the hang of it. I then cut about a of the shower out (maybe a little less), then another . I was mindful when cutting near studs or the plumbing...pulling the saw out a bit. Really the bottom half was all that was left and I thought I could pull it out. Nope. There was a little foot like thing on the one side that wouldn’t make it past the stud, so I had to cut it down even further. That gave me enough wiggle room to kind of turn it on its side and pull it out. At first I thought I could cut through where the step was, but that thing is completely solid.

I was very careful not to damage the plumbing under the shower, or next to the shower when pulling the base out.

I wore goggles, a mask, a bandana, long sleeves, gloves, and jeans. Maybe overkill, not sure. I just wanted to be careful since I was cutting fiberglass. I closed the bathroom door and put a towel at the bottom, opened the window and put a fan pointing out of the window. It had a strange smell, but I think that was the glazing on the shower—not sure.

It was loud and I went through 9 jigsaw blades. Not sure if that had something to do with my poor jigsaw skills, my cheap jigsaw, the blades, the shower, or any combination of those things.

Once I started cutting, it probably took me 2 hours to get the shower completely out.

I have most of the drywall removed, just a small section left (there was obviously no tile behind the shower). I left about 3 inches of drywall at the top in place so I can get the backer board right up against it without damaging the ceiling.

The shutoff valves at the shower aren’t holding. Before I took the shower apart I shut them off and turned the water on . Some water still came out. I am thinking I should replace those shutoff valves. Not exactly sure how do to that, so I will be deciding whether or not to mess with it. (The water is off at the knob and is not leaking or anything)

Thanks for all of your help so far!

Oh, my next question: What do I put in first, the shower base (which I still have to find and purchase) or the plastic someone mentioned and backer board? Not sure of the order…I am guessing it’s the base of the shower first.

LeviDIY I looked a lot like you do in your pic.


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Some pics

These are the shutoffs that aren't shutting the water off completely.

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Demo is like having a party with a hammer, isn't it?
The first thing I'd do is evaluate the plumbing. Supply and drain pipes primarily as the vent pipes are usually pristine. If they're old, replace them. Especially if the supply pipes are yellow brass or galvanized iron.
If the drains are iron pipe, I'd replace them too. All the way to the stack.
You don't want to have to open the walls or floor to replace a bad pipe after you've finished the bath.
Post some photos.


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