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Paranam 09-17-2009 12:09 AM

basement storage room air quality
I have a 4-yr old, hillside rancher. The lower level is finished and heated. There is a 350 sq. ft., unfinished storage room, below grade. It is heated by a small wall heater and fan, but it not vented. A door leads into it from a bedroom. It is beginning to smell musty and I have been checking the humidity levels. Humidity runs from 70-80%.
I have two questions: (1) Will a 50-pint dehumidifier handle the problem? I will use a small pump to take the water outside. (2) Do I need to install an air vent in the wall, or some other air system? :confused1:

Thurman 09-17-2009 10:39 AM

Paranam, I'm certainly not knowledgeable on any rooms below grade as we just dont' have them in S. GA. BUT, I do have some experience with working with customers here who complain about "musky, moldy" smells being caused by too much moisture under their homes. Reducing the humidity (to me) is certainly a step in the right direction, removing the water obtained from reducing the humidity is also correct to me. IMO-the heater/fan will only warm the moisture in the air, which to me would increase any mold/fungus problem. I certainly would recommend any type of air circulation for this room. You didn't not your location so I don't know if cold weather is a factor here. Venting the air in this room to the outside would be my first option. But this air has to be replaced, so where would this come from? Venting/losing heated air in the winter would not be good. If possible, a bathroom type vent fan, even mounted on a wall, set up with a timer to run a few minutes on a daily schedule may help a lot. Without more info, that's the best I can offer. Good Luck, David

Paranam 09-19-2009 02:16 AM

Thanks Thurman. I will look into installing a vent on a timer along with a dehumidifier. I live on the Puget Sound across from Seattle. It is often humid, but not all that hot in the summer. In winter temps seldom get lower than 40 degrees. The dehumidifier I am getting will run in as low as 41 degrees, but I will run the heater in the storage room to keep it a bit warmer. Again, appreciate the advice. Paranam

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