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Basement Remodeling Help

Well my story is that I am 16 years old and by no means very educated about home improvement but I know a thing or two seeing as I, instead of my father, tend to be the one that is assigned the job of fixing things.
My current dillemma is we're in need of some extra living space in our house and I had the good idea of adding a room in my pretty spacious basement.
I got the idea from this from my friend who constructed a room in his unfinished basement by simply painting the exposed brick, and sealing off an exposed area by creating a wood frame of 2x4's and simply using ply wood as a wall. This got me excited and I wanted to start working on it right away... which brings me to my problem/s...

I would like to create a room splitting my basement into 2 seperate halves (my basement is about 625sq. ft) Id like to split it directly in two... the walls are brick like my friends basement i mentioned before, but mine have insulation on the sides that I'd like to cover up. My dillemma is im afraid i dont have the time, knowlege, skill, or money to put in drywall for the task... So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for how i could do this avoiding drywalling? I dont plan on making a ceiling or anything, is it possible i could use plywood like my friend did, and then put some sort of wall paneling that would give it a little nicer appearance?
And thank you before hand

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Basement Remodeling Help

I don't have any answers for you, but I want to tell you that I am really impressed by your motivation to do this, at your age.

Your parents should be very proud of you.

This is definitely the forum to be at for any help.
Good luck with your project.

(I am presently renovating my basement. Doing the usual 2X4 framing and eventually drywalling, and if I can do it, anybody can.

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Basement Remodeling Help

Plywood, or veneer panneling, over framing would probably work as a divider, or to protect/disguise insulation. You'll want to use pressure treated wood for anything that is in contact with the concrete. Be carefull though, you might want to check codes for your area (permits, egress etc).

For example, our unfinished basement has windows that are too small, and too high to be used as an egress (emergency exit). Codes here state a 5 square foot clear opening, with a sill 44" or less above the floor. Because of this my basement can only be used for laundry area and storage. If we ever want to creating "living space" down there, I'll have to make an acceptable egress.

I'm not meaning to discourage... I just don't want to see a motivated young DIYer get slapped for not checking on the details.

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Basement Remodeling Help

I think you can forget about the code when attempting to build a living space... there is no code going to allow that a living space in basement with simple structure like this.... without insulation on surrounding... heating..e.tc...

anyhow... I would think you want to build somthing which is easy to assembly and disassemble, may be when you are 20... you want a real nice drywalled basement...etc.
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Basement Remodeling Help

If you're still contemplating a basement wall (partition) the basics are not that difficult. If you have the financial resources for light lumber and drywall (neither expensive) then why not do the job right from the get-go? Lots of Internet info. For instance, start with:

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Basement Remodeling Help

I agree with powrus.
Do it over a long period of time. A little at a time, and it won't be too expensive all at once, but I am sure you will really appreciate it later on.
Instead of doing it over again.

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