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Ball park for a new bedroom?

We are thinking about converting our garage into a bedroom. We need the extra space for our kids.

What the garage will need as far as I can tell:

1. Will need to seal the cement and build up a new floor to the same level as the rest of the house (no hardwood, we'll put down carpet)

2. Ceiling and four walls will have to be insulated and sheet rocked. (garage door is gone, wall is already in place)

3. Will need to extend an existing 120v circuit so we can have additional outlets in the room. Could possibly require pulling a whole new circuit. There's no insulation now and the room gets pretty cold. Whoever ran the duct work must have done something wrong because our central heat only seems to heat the living room.

4. Before we do any of this, we'll have to track down a leak and repair it and possibly level off our drive way. Water pools and comes through the foundation

What I was hoping for is a ball park figure for this work. Ball parking our costs if we do it ourselves and a ball park figure for hiring someone else.

We were thinking about refinancing our home and taking out 5 grand. The extra bedroom should increase the value of the home quite a bit.


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Someone will inevitably close your thread for asking about pricing... This forum is contributed to and read by folks from all over the place, even outside the U.S.. It's impossible to give you any specific cost information without being where you are. That being said...

You may or may not save money doing it yourself. It's not a major job, but it's also not likely that you have all the equipment and tools necessary to perform all of the work necessary. What you've described will require permitting, including specialized permits for electrical work and HVAC. These typically require some self-certification through your building department if you're in a municipal jurisdiction. You could actually lose value if you don't have the work permitted. Also, is speed of any value to you? I'm a framing contractor/ remodeler, but I'm not trying to dissuade you from doing your own project. I would certainly encourage you to get some bids from local tradesmen in order to establish exactly what you are looking at in terms of cost and scope. Most will give you a breakdown of materials and labor, etc... so you can estimate how much you may or may not save in doing the job on your own.

Also, if you have a 2-car garage I would consider just adding a bedroom elsewhere and keeping the garage. Perhaps you could consult with a local realtor as well. Homes without garages are usually crossed off the list first as well as those without enough bedrooms for a family. Families usually have lots of stuff along with the kids and pets that ends up in the garage and in the attic above the garage.


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DIY here is not a problem
But cost estimates by Pro's you would need to get several local quotes
Prices vary widely by threads asking for such estimates are closed

Where are you located ?
Are you allowed to do your own electric ?
Here I can do everything but plumbing
The permit for my 24x36 garage, same size great room & 19x 24 walk up attic was $550

Permit fees also vary by area
Contact your local building Dept
Tell them what you want to do
I know someone posted that their local codes do not allow conversion of a garage
How far from garage to neighbors house/garage ?
Fire codes can come into play to

Electric materials are usually not that expensive
Check your local store & add up costs for wire, outlets etc
Again....prices vary
Check costs of insulation & figure out how much you need

Ball park DIY....anywhere from $1k to $5 depending upon materials, tools you own & your abilities
You haven't even given a size of the garage, heating or cooling needed
So not even possible to give anything even close to an accurate estimate
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Ensuring you can legally convert the garage to living space should be your first step. In many areas you cannot do so, or their are senarios where you can or cannot, it must be done properly etc.

Where I am code enforcement goes around looking for A/C units sticking out of garage walls, obvious conversions, etc. - and will then want to come for a visit...
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And you need to know how many bedrooms you septic system (if you are on one) will handle. Without many details on the existing structure and what your plan for then new room is no rough estimate can be given. But figure on at least $150 - 200 per sq ft.
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I agree your first step should be to see if you can legally convert your garage to living space and what codes are going to be required to meet to do so. Permits and inspections are nasty here. I think the guys that used to drive around in vans looking for people splicing cable for two televisions are working for the City now and trying to hear hammers and drills working. Or they get receipts from the box stores that ask for your zip code? Without them, you would have trouble reselling your house where I am or at least the title work would be held up and the closing attorneys doing battle.

HVAC you mention would be a concern to me. If the only room currently seeming to be adequately comfortable is the living room? And I am assuming the bedrooms are stretched off of that or above it? It sounds inadequate for your space to start or there is no insulation anywhere? Insufficient cold air returns cause it to shut off? Thermostat is in the wrong place and in the warm living room (moving it could make a big difference! My HVAC guys seem to like putting them near the cold air returns but I don't know if this is standard)? You will probably burn the system out if you add the cold garage space to it.

The HVAC guy I like best almost always recommends two HVAC units for houses I work on and restore. The major heating plant with a decent AC unit goes in the basement. A backup unit with greater AC capability but less heat output goes upstairs. Makes sense I guess and clients like the energy savings. Hot air rises, cold air sinks strategy. Heater in the basement does the major work during the winter and the one upstairs takes care of the AC load.

They have some decent subfloors you can float over concrete now that come grooved to accept tubing for accepting radiant heating tubing.


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