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Originally Posted by KG9 View Post
Question: Have you or anyone uphill from you, used copper-sulfate to kill roots in or on your/their property or downspout drains?

We did and this symptom immedeatly showed itself.
We haven't and I don't think anyone above us could affect that part of the crawl because of a berm on the uphill side of our property.


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We are having a similar odor problem in a newly constructed home with a conditioned crawl. Any advice?
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Where are you located? Is the crawl space sealed so as to prevent "chipmunks, mice...."?
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We are located in the Richmond , VA area. Construction was completed in August. Mold was discovered and had to be treated 3 times. The conditioned crawlspace failed inspection three times and had to be redone 4 times. There is a strong musty smell that comes up through the vents into the house. There is a constant smell in the crawlspace, smells almost like cat urine. They used some kind of glue like substance to adhere the vinyl and this also has a strong odor. The smell is stongest on the side of the house where the ac handler is - which is directly under the master bedroom. Have been waking up with headaches for the past few weeks. We have had an exterminator here - no evidence of any kind of wildlife. Do not know what to do.
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cat urine odor caused by off gassing dura-skrim

I had this same problem when I had my crawl space sealed. I ended up installed some carbon filters, fans, and a dehumidifier to help mitigate the odor. It's still there when it's humid and the hvac doesn't run much but it's much less noticeable with all the things I've done to try to eliminate it.

I recently had some folks giving quotes for a geothermal hvac install and some of them also do enclosed crawl spaces. Right away without me having to mention it they said the cat urine odor was off gassing from the dura-skrim material used to seal the crawl. They said they had that issue with their installs and contacted the manufacturer, to no avail. They had to change to a different type of material to seal the crawl. They said they only saw the problem with the multilayer poly reinforced dura-skrim type material. My crawl is sealed with 16mil black/white dura-skrim.


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