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Emily, nice to meet you. Glad that you introduced yourself. It's good to know that someone with a good deal of window knowledge is here.
I personnally like Andersens'. I've installed them in both the houses I've lived in.


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Good and Bad on Pella


We have 30 year-old pella windows throughout our home. They have wood casings with double paned glass. The exterior window is wood framed, and there is aluminum framing around the interior glass pane. The screens are also aluminum framed. On the positive side - they are 30 years old, still solid and seal well - literally no air leaks. Until very recently, I would never recommend anything else.

However, we had cracks in 2 panes of glass - the interior ones that are aluminum framed. When we took them to 2 different glass companies they couldn't replace the glass. We took them to the Pella dealer in our city (in business for at least 50 years). They couldn't replace the glass either. The reason - the glass is sealed into the aluminum frame with a very strong, very gunky sealant that cannot be removed. We had to order 2 new interior window frames with glass. The new ones have the same sealant, so if they break the glass cannot be replaced. They weren't terribly expensive, it just doesn't make sense that the sealant they use on the aluminum (and probably the vinyl) is so difficult to work with. We don't know about the sealant on the wooden exterior pane, my hubby forgot to ask - ugh!.

I think the customer service for the majority of home remodeling or building products depends on the franchise holder that sells the product, unless you are ordering factory-direct (risky to do for a DIYer - sometimes you need a good local dealer to communicate with the manufacturer). There is an Anderson Window dealer in our area that has a terrible reputation, but my brother loves his Anderson dealer in a city about 75 miles away. Many times it's not the manufacturer, it's the dealer.

Also, I agree with the person who said the Home Depot does carry higher-end products - you just have to order them. All home building/remodeling companies are reducing the number and varieties of products they are carrying in their on-site inventories. They carry what sells fast - everything else has to be ordered.

Now - I would like one person who criticizes the "big box" stores think about this ...... You have a regular family with 2.5 kids, a dog, maybe a cat. You have limited income. You need some window blinds for your family room - oops no - you don't have a family room - you need blinds for your living room. Do you go out and look for the most expensive, highest quality blinds? Probably not. You look for something that will last about 1 or 2 years and won't make you cry a river if your kids, dog, or cat trash them sooner. Home Depot and Lowes stock their shelves for you, not the childless couple or the empty-nester turned DIYer and not for the professional contractor, although many professional contractors buy the low-end stuff and charge you the high-end price. If you want higher quality order it from that big box store or pay the price at the little-box store that makes big mark-up serving the ones that are willing to pay.
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Originally Posted by EMILY P View Post
....Knowledge wins everytime- I know my windows--
Yes you do.
- Build Well -
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Originally Posted by Ron6519 View Post
Emily, nice to meet you. Glad that you introduced yourself. It's good to know that someone with a good deal of window knowledge is here.
I personnally like Andersens'. I've installed them in both the houses I've lived in.

I'm not a contractor by any means, so I'll leave the installs to the pro's. I know how a windows is to be installed. I have never installed roofing, but sell it. I have helped install siding several time in my life. I know more about windows than most give me credit for, what everyone needs to do is really take apart windows to really see for them shelves how they are made.
My favorite is actually Marvin Windows right now today and my favorite Patio Door is Andersen they are the best , but Andersen is coming out with a NEW Window called the "A" Series and Patio Door line called the "A" Series. I haven't seen it personally but I hear it's similar to the Woodwrights but much better, it's a premium window line. I have seen the new brochure, and the window is out in Indiana, Maryland, and the North East and hear Andersen Windows can't keep up with production and had to limit who they sold it too because it sold so well. Lots of options on the New A Series. Marvin Infinity is a great window also, any one thinking of replacing should check it out.
As everyone can tell from pass posts, I'm not a huge fan of either Pella/Jeld Wen or Vinyl WIndows but I would still recommend Pella or Jeld Wen over vinyl any day, wood is natures best insulator. I realize times are tough, but too cheapen up on windows, is like having money to burn and is down right foolish with holes in your pockets. How often are windows replaced in a home, you hope just once, but you get what you pay for. How often do these fly by night contractors go up to a house and ruin it's looks and appearence with vinyl windows and storms over vinyl windows, yuck. If a wood window last 25 to 40 years and they are going to replacing it, why would someone think that vinyl is the way to go... How often do see vinyl windows already being repalced back with wood windows, I see it more than people think. And how many vinyl companies have went out of business, or started making a different window line and parts aren't available, everyday I see it more and more.

Sorry, to disappoint everyone, but I not a rep, but I've seen more than you think, and sold more than most, and I could take most of you to school and education of the windows is a must if your going to speak on them. Maybe I should apply to be a rep, tell me who's hiring? and who's pays the most? LOL, Please let me know, I'm willing to relocate for the right salary. LOL... Please, no vinyl leads either... I want to be able to sleep at night....
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I personally think EMILY P a valuable contributor. Wish every forum had such insight...most do, but windows are EMILY's strength so we should listen to what she has to say.
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i very much agree
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Old Thread

I know this thread is old, I install Pella Windows every single day(all year round) The key to a good window,(I am 21 have installed for Pella since I was 13) is the installation! Vinyls are junk. First off good luck getting the window to work properly. Wood is the best insulator for sure followed by great stuff insulation. I do not sell windows I install them. Pella has its pros and cons as with any mfg. As with installing windows, I remove them. I do roughly 3k windows and doors a year. The Pella windows I remove are still functional, whereas the rest have broken seals on the glass, rotted sills, and require a hammer to open. Wood/clad windows are the best bet(do not waste your money on plastic junk) but the installation is very important! INSTALLATION INSTALLATION INSTALLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Where were you last spring when I needed to have my Pella slider (door) replaced? I sure wish Pella would have sent a guy who had some experience. The guy they sent made a mess of the door frame when he removed the 'old' Pella door.

He installed the new one and I had to call Pella 3 times to come out and repair the things he did wrong. I swear he had never installed a door in his lifetime.

I'm glad to know that they do have experienced installers working for them though. It's nice that you take pride in your work.



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