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Am I being overcharged

We own a 1200 sq. foot rent house that we are about to sell. In good condition, it will sell for about $60K-$65K. It's in a very small poorer type community so no matter how nice the inside is, the market in that area is just not going to get us more than that. The resident that we had renting out the house left it with several things needing repaired such as new flooring, paint, we are having 2 guys help us out with it. Today, they told us that they each wanted $25/hour to do the work and that it would take 3 weeks to complete the work. So total, they are asking for $50/hour. Anyone have any experience with what contractors normally charge to do make readies and repairs? I would appreciate any input you all might have.


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Are these actual licensed and insured contractors or just "two guys"? If they are true contractors you are getting a good deal, if they are just two guys off the street i would say it is on the high end but not unreasonable. Is this a cash deal or check so you can use it as a tax write off? Just make sure these guys know what they are doing.


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Ponch has got it....if they don't work out a few of us on here have hourly ranges between $ 85 and $ 150 an hour...and that won't fit within the budget obviously for a 65k house
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If I were you I would settle on a flat price for all of the work that needs done. If these guys know what they are doing, they should know how long everything should take and be able to price the job from that. Some people lack motivation to get things done when they know they are getting paid by the hour.
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they have insurance? i'm a landscape contractor and theres no way im changing 25 an hour. they must not be a liget company because your not paying any bills on 25/person an hour
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"it Depends"

"it depends" ..... I hired 3 just-laid-off framers to put up my trusses, dorm out in between, and do all the sheeting and shingling. They were also $25 per but they worked SO hard, SO fast, I felt it was a great buy on my part!
By the way, the main guy came with a great recommendation from family that has used him before.

painting and flooring I don't put on the same skill level, and without solid references I'd be a little more cautious.
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That depends.....

Two guys, at $25 an hour each, is high
Two guys, from a legitimate business, with the proper insurances and licenses, tools and know-how, for $25 an hour each is low

I'd strongly recommend going legit on this, the potential trouble you would be opening yourself up to just hiring "two guys" for this type of work is truly astronomical....way beyond what you would think off-hand

I also strongly recommend agreeing on a set price ahead of time
It simply rarely works out well for either side when this sort of project is "contracted" at an hourly rate rather than a set price

In fact, with these types of projects, it's pretty much a red flag that they want to do hourly
Flooring and painting are usually "bid" at a set price
Unless there are strange or unusual circumstances, most legit floor/paint contractors do it this way
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depends on your cash flow.if you want it real cheap. thats what you will get. cheep work.
the cost is what i would expect for a handy man.
i would hire them to do a section of the work then check it out. if your happy keep them if not then hire someone else.
most trades will do work on the side. i do i don't carry insurance either. i charge 75$ an hour.
if you hire a legit biz. you will sometimes get a guy making allot Les than 25hr. and he don't care, its not his business.

do your homework and check them out. keep on the a daily basic. pay them daily.
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Thanks to everyone for your input. That helps alot. They are not insured. They are friends of friends that kind of got referred. So we're definitely nervous about this whole transaction.
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See IF you can find a local apartment complex regular painter. They can paint three times as fast and half the mess these two will. Most could paint the inside of a reasonable house in 2-3 days,,,an apartment size place in one day.

Then for flooring, the pro carpet installers will be cheaper than these guys!!

I have had guys tell me what they charge per hour,how many hours they think and they are about 3 times over what a decent job 'should' cost cause they pad on both ends. So they dont get MUCH work,,,what they get is real profitable!! AND mysterously the job is done in a fraction of the estimated time,,,perhaps shoddy at best!! run dont walk from these guys,,,tell them you have to check with others and get back to them!! Like never!!
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What kind of flooring? What "etc"s? As already said, painting and flooring aren't typically bid as hourly jobs.
Have you spoken with a realtor yet? This sounds like the kind of community where you might be able to save yourself some out-of-pocket expense and headaches by discounting it as a "handyman special". You'll still end up with the same amount in your pocket when all is said and done.
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So $6000. for labor and ? for material. Since the post was vague as to exactly what they are doing, it's hard to comment on whether you're being overcharged. But you have left yourself open to an open ended job cost and who knows what skill level?
It's never a good idea to hire people you don't know, with an unknown skill level. And then pay them until they finish the job which, "should take three weeks". What if it takes longer, say four weeks? That's another $2000.
You should have called in a regular contractor/painter to get estimates on time and cost so you have some sort of comparison.
You will need to monitor progress early on to get an idea whether this situation is working out. Look for both skill and work ethic. If you see at the beginning this is a bad idea you can at least cut it short without wasting too much time and money.


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