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butwhydoitalk2u 10-31-2011 02:30 PM

Alum horizontal plane window is leaking.
I have a relatively new home, build 6 years ago. A couple of weeks ago we had a big rain storm and during this rain storm my window in the kitchs began to leak. As i poked around the window i found the drywall to be soft and wet. I cut away a 2 foot opening all the way to the roof and saw that the cinder block was drenched in water behind the wall not to mention the stink that came from the wall. I had some sedement cracks on my back wall and took a hose to them to verify if water was getting behind the stucco. Sure enough, water was leaking through the stucco and into the home. I repair the exterior walls stucco, temporarily, with marine grade sealant 5200, that's all i had at the time. I checked the leak after it cured and it was no longer there. Great i thought.

Yesterday we had another bad rain storm, I'm in Florida and when it rains it pours. anyway, the leak came back, although not as much. Before it would fill at a rate of 1 gallon a hour, now it's just dripping.
I wanted to get to the bottom of this so i went to my upstairs room's window, which is directly above the kitchen window. I touched under it and all along the drywall but felt nothing to worry about everything was dry. I did however decide to cut it open just to get a visual inspection. sure enough there was water behind the wall too. I proceeded to move along the window sill and remove the window sill when i came to realize that it was leaking from the bottom of the window. I didn't know how it could be leaking there because i sealed the edges on the outside. I then began to pour water on the sill and saw that water was coming in though the weep.

Sorry for the long explanation, but how can i fix this? I have never taken apart a window and i do not have a long enough ladder at the moment to work from the outside so everything has to be done through the inside. It appears that water is coming in through each screw hole that is in the frame, about 6. Do i remove the screws and fill it with a sealant? how can i take off the "channel" to clean it?

any help would be helpful. I have to get this leak under control and my insurance company didn't cover me for the fix just for interior damages. AH!!!

I have my photos on flickr along with a video not the best quality being that i was doing all this at 11pm but maybe you can get the idea on what i am trying to explain.

Just Bill 11-01-2011 07:00 AM

Either the window was poorly flashed and is leaking around the flashing, or the window itself is the culprit. Not enough info to make that diagnosis. You need a local window expert to have a look-see. If it is the window, it should be under warranty, but usually the cost of replacement or repairs are not included. Probably too much time has passed if the issue is poor installation.

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