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colsmgf 08-14-2007 01:19 PM

air vents
can someone please advise me my house was build in the late 70,s and above every door in the house there is 2 air vents.
i use to have hot air heating but now i have gas central heating i have done away with all the floor vents as that was blowing the hot air out but as i said no longer fitted can i do away with the ones above all the doors or do i need them plz help

rjordan392 08-14-2007 06:59 PM

Before we can help, have someone else who speaks well, convey your problem. The way you explained your problem and what you did, does not make any sense. Where is the gas furnace located and where is the airconditioning located. One does not seal up heating registers unless they were replaced with another from a new duct run. Heating registers belong at the floor level. If the builder knew what he was doing, then the original location of the registers and returns are probally located in the correct areas of the house. If I understand correctly, you are saying you have two openings over every door. I don't even want to guess why this was done. Give us more information that we can understand. If you sealed up the heating register at the floor level, then where does the heat come from when its time to turn it on.

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