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pinkertonpv 08-13-2008 09:30 AM

Adding supports for beams and joists
I am the second owner of a 30+ year old house that I am remodeling. I have lived in the house since 1993. I am putting laminate flooring in the first floor area (kitchen, dining room and entry hallway). In preparation for the flooring, I removed some carpeting in the DR and could see some water damage and some sagging of the floors along the three interior walls. I removed the floor/subfloor in the water damaged area and noticed that the 3 walls (loadbearing and supporting the 2nd floor and roof) were not centered over the floor beams. Two walls (parallel) were about 10 inches off the beam and riding over the floor joists. The walls increasingly sagged from the exterior wall side to where they connect to the third wall. From 0 to about one inch. It appears that each succeeding floor joist increasingly sags lower than the top of the beam. Joist hangers were not used. A two inch ledger board on the bottom of the beam supports the joists. The third wall connecting the two was centered between two joists and supported by the plywood only. To complicate matters more, much of the plumbing proceeds in the area of the third wall and beam. The concrete block support columns in the crawl space supporting the beams and joists were not located properly, thus the beams could go under the support walls.

I think that maybe the foundation and floor framing was completed and the wall design changed.

I plan to use screw type floor jacks and 4x6s under the walls to raise the floor enough to level it and be able to install the laminate. I will leave the jacks in place. The crawl space is tight but i have most of the floor in the DR up and have access to the beams/walls. No pictures available but I would appreciate any advice. I am an average DIY with sheds/decks/walls/windows etc on my resume. Am I missing something?

Termite 08-13-2008 11:40 AM

Although your description is thorough, it is very hard to picture exactly what is going on. Could you post some pictures?

If you do use lally columns, you need to of course install a footing to support the loads.

pinkertonpv 08-13-2008 02:04 PM

Will try to post pictures.

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