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Adding a phone line to an older connect point

So a woodpecker cut one of my exterior phone lines and I need to replace it. My connect site is an older model, not a network interface, it basically has three terminals to connect to, one being the ground. Does anyone have a diagram defining the terminals, and how to connect to it?



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If your old wiring has a red and a green, put your new wire in the same place. The second choice colors for red and green should be blue,(red), blue white, (green). I was told by a phone co. tech. that polarity is no longer an issue with modern equiptment and the phone will work either way. I have tried this and it is true in my area, however, I try to keep with the red and the green. <P>

Note: 4 wire connections were from the days of party lines, which I remember. Those extra colors were generally yellow and black.HS


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I agree ...

... with hammerslammer's reply. I might add that the phone company is usually willing to update or replace an aging or out-of-date SNI (System Network Interface) for no charge to you. Or, you could just call it the "terminal box" near your house. Those old boxes get filled with insects, spider webs, and the contacts eventually corrode.

You mentioned the problem might be with wires that are YOUR responsibility ... those wires running FROM the SNI to your home, but if the phone company changes out the terminal box to a newer version SNI, the color coding inside the box will be easy to duplicate. Just connect your red wire on top of the phone co's red, and connect your green wire on top of the phone co's green. Like hammerslammer said, the yellow and black wires can generally be forgotten.

As long as you do all the work from the SNI TO your home and instruct the phone co to leave your house connections alone, there shouldn't be any charges to you from the phone company.

Hope that helps.
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get the woodpecker to fix it, its his fault anyway, mangy freeloading bird
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