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krishmunn 05-21-2014 08:44 PM

Adding concrete block on a converted Garage
We are buying a house in which a garage in the basement was converted to family room. It was poorly done.
What they did was , removed the garage door and put a frame their ; covered the frame with ply inside and wood shingle siding outside (shingles are touching ground and rotting).

In inside, they laid wood on concrete floor and covered with carpet.

What need to be done is ... remove the lower layer of shingles and put a concrete block in the wall .

Question :
1) Do we need to remove the interior ply too or just removing the external siding will be fine ?

2) If the concrete floor is a little ramp down (the way you have in Garage), will it cause any problem ?

3) How much is it expected to cost . I cannot DYI masonry work but can remove siding and interior ply if needed.

I am looking for a high estimate which can help me decide if we should proceed with it (there are other problems for which I have a fair idea). We are in greater Boston area .
Will appreciate any help in this .

Msradell 05-21-2014 09:01 PM

Realistically, based on your description the entire wall section should be taken out and replaced. A course of 8 inch block to be placed along the bottom, it should be attached to the existing floor by drilling into the floor and using epoxy to put rebar in the drill holes. The cells of the blocks should then be filled and J bolts inserted. The sill plate to them he bolted down using the J bolts, it should be pressure-treated material. The rest of the wall can be framed like you described. The floor can be left slightly sloped but that's not normal and leveling it would be the recommended course of action. If the garage area is a step down from the rest of the basement (which it should be) you can frame up a new floor area level with the rest of the basement floor. Overall, it's not a difficult job but going to take some time. Just having someone do the masonry part if you do everything else shouldn't be too expensive, I guess $1000 or less but I really don't know the costs in your area.

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