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tuckerdog1 03-30-2005 04:47 PM

2 garage doors,1 opener
Here is my situation. Have a 2 car garage with the 2 8ft wide doors & a 1ft wide column between them. Originally wanted to knock out the 1ft column & replace the 2 doors with a 17ft wide single door. But am now being advised that the new header beam needed could make this a difficult project. So, I may just replace the 2 8fters with new ones. Currently only one of the 8ft doors has an opener. The opener can't be centered, because the pulldown attic access door is on center with this door. So this door is always kind of out of kilter when being raised with the opener. Is there some way to use a single opener to operate both doors at the same time? This would ( I hope ) solve the off center problem on the door lined up with the attic ladder, as well as save the $ needed to buy a 2nd opener.

Thanks for any advise,

MgMopar 04-02-2005 06:18 AM


I have seen many door openers offset with out much affect to the performance. I have never seen one opener work two doors. I would say this would be a experiment. I don't think I would try. In my opinion keep one opener per door and a door in good condition with good hardware and springs should perform well even with the opener offset. Contact the door company of the new doors you are thinking about getting and make sure with them though. They might be able to offer additional setup info to make it work better.

knowltondata 04-05-2005 07:45 PM

You can convert to a torsion spring setup and they have openers that hang over the door opening... not sure of the cost.

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