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Tmb9862 10-24-2006 06:38 PM

Wrought Iron Railing Installation?
I had a bunch of old wrought iron railing and I make a couple to fit on my cement steps. The only problem now is I'm not 100% sure how to install them.

How big do I drill the holes? How much if any bigger should the hole be then the part of the railing that goes down into it? From what I've seen thier should be 1/4in or so wiggle room.

What do I fill it with? I know lead is the best way to do it but the equipment is more then I want to invest in for somthing I'll use once. Where would I get my hands on lead for that anyway? Is this a special mix for this or should I use morter, regular sand mix, etc?

jamesdart 10-29-2006 08:32 PM

you need a non shrinking cement. there are many out there just for this job. lead is a thing of the past. make sure the product you get is for outside as some of them will absorb water and in the winter they can feeze, expand and crack the sorrounding masonry. you can also leave them about 1/2" lower than the surface and coulk the top.

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