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Kirkandsue 10-24-2012 07:49 AM

wrap around porch roof
Hi.Have built all my own homes so am pretty good when it comes to building.but I have a new project.we want to put a wrap around porch over our deck.I am not sure about framing for the corners to attach the sides to front and back.and the best way to put the roof should I go over the other roof.If I had a diagram It would not be a problem :thumbup: does anyone know were I can find one.Thanx Kirk

joecaption 10-24-2012 09:46 AM

Got a picture of where you plan on building this?
Is this area you want on the first floor?
What type siding do you have?

Some concerns I'd have is how is the deck you have now supported under it.
Heights of any windows if this is a two story house. You never want any roof to come within 6" of any window sills.
Any chance at some future date this will be closed or screened in?

GBrackins 10-24-2012 01:36 PM

Even with your experience I would recommend seeking the assistance of a design professional. Adding a roof over a deck is more complicated that some think. You have to determine if the foundation for the deck can support the addition loads that the roof creates, as well as designing the structure itself.

Also roofs over decks is not prescriptive building code. by this I mean there are no tables or charts that will provide you with the necessary information for building this to code. The building code is based upon a perimeter foundation and footings for a structure, not pier type construction. When construction falls outside of the prescriptive code it requires a design professional be used to demonstrate compliance with the intent of the code.

Check with your building department to determine what your project's requirements will be. typically these type structures are designed under the International Building Code, or ASCE-7, not the International Residential Code. Your building department should be able to provide you some direction (typically not design direction).

depending on your existing dwelling you may be able to lay over the deck roof onto the dwelling roof. Perimeter roof beams must be designed to support the roof loads and transfer them to the foundation. Again you existing deck foundation must be evaluated to determine if is capable of supporting the additional loads. support columns must be designed to support the perimeter roof beams. With it being open wind will affect the roof from both sides (top and ceiling) which must be addressed. typically a column is installed within the existing exterior wall to support the roof perimeter beam.

As Joe said you have to be aware of windows if this is a two story dwelling. All bedrooms are required to have at least one Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings. you have to be careful about eliminating any windows within bedrooms.

Don't know if this helps or not, but hopefully I've helped to point you in the right direction.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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