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Windows leaking air?

We had new windows installed a couple of weeks ago and there were gaps in the frames causing light to show through (I know, rip off). The installer calked the frames but how can I tell if the windows are leaking are anywhere else? Is there an easy way to spot a leaky window?


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Windows leaking air?

Best way I can think of is buy some punks
Lite one & let it smoke & move it around the window frame & other parts
If you see the smoke moving as a result of air flow then you have a leak
--make sure its a leak & not a result of moving the punk

When installing windows there is always a gap around the window
That gap should be covered from the outside with flashing if the windows were installed properly
Did they remove the outside trim & install flashing to seal the window to the house?
This prevents air/water intrusion

I usually push some insulation into the gap & then caulk
There shouldn't be a big gap

Were these replacemant windows?

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Windows leaking air?

Yes, they are replacement windows. I think my installers are lacking in knowledge and I know they were lazy. Once I reminded them they needed to put insulation around the window, they did it. But, they had 9 of the 10 windows in before I figured out they weren't insulating. Now I'm not sure what to do - should I get a rep from the manufacturer out to look at them? I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I really raise a ruckus. Itís a shame. The company came highly recommended and had no complaints against them (that I could find).
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Windows leaking air?

Would light work the same as air? In other words, if I can see light from other than the glass, can I assume the windows leak?

Thanks again.
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Windows leaking air?

After they removed the old window they should check the bottom sill for level. Add a long tapered shim continuous under the vinyl window, if needed. Apply sticky window seal tape to the bottom of the opening (over the shims) before the window. Caulk around the window opening and install window. Apply sticky tape to both jams, covering the side flanges. Do not put sticky tape on the bottom window flange. Cut a slit above the window through the building paper or house wrap 2 inches over the flange. Install the top of the sticky tape up under the slit cut, and the bottom over the window flange. Or install the head flashing as per diagram here: http://www.bostoncedar.com/pdfs/Typa...stallation.pdf
A metal Z-flashing should be installed over the window head after the tape and another over the trim above.
The gaps inside around the window should be filled with non-expanding foam, which will help to keep any water out as well as air infiltration. (Fiberglass insulation does neither).You definitely should not see any light other than through the glass.The area next to the window will leak which you could prove easily with a garden hose.

Be safe, G
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