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Daugela 08-25-2013 04:03 PM

Window Well pics / project - HELP
I posted this in the masonry forum but figured I could repost here since it gets more views.

I'm in AZ and there's no frost in Phoenix. I'm one of the rare homeowners who has a home in the state of AZ! It was built in 1993. The basement is about 9' deep.

I have only two basement window wells in my home but four bedrooms downstairs. Two rooms have no windows. I plan to build two more. My two existing wells are made from 8" concrete filled block as is my entire basement foundation. This is my current window well. I don't think it's big enough for current code:

The first room I'm putting the window well in actually has a door that leads to a walk in closet with an escape ladder. Very weird. No window. This walk in closet is built just like my window wells. It's concrete filled 8" block with a concrete slab. No clue how thick it is. See below:

It's a long story but what I'm going to do is lay block INSIDE the walk in closet so I essentially have the same dimensions as my existing window well. About 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet. The remainder of the walk in closet will be back filled in with dirt and I will be laying a concrete patio above it. Like I said, it's a long story - the walk in closet doesn't have a roof!!!!! But a make shift particle board deck. The house wasn't extended above the walk in closet when the house was built! This is above that walk in closet:

Can I lay block directly on this concrete slab in the walk in closet and anchor in the blocks to the existing blocks as I go for support or do I need to hammer out a footing? again, the length of each new wall inside the closet would be 3.5 - 4 feet.

Msradell 08-25-2013 09:49 PM

Why not just set up a form and pour a ceiling for the closet area when you pour the new slab? Never getting too much storage space to why takes them away? That would certainly be much easier than building the wall and backfilling.

Daugela 08-25-2013 09:53 PM

I thought about that but have been told concrete ceilings like that would cause condensation and moisture problems under it in environments like mine - Arizona. No?

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