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rjschwar 08-24-2010 05:03 PM

I have an old craftsman style home built in 1914. The next item on my long list of things to fix is to deal with a window in the living room. There is a window on either side of the fire place. One is a fixed window, one is a larger single hung window w/ old weights and pulleys. This window doesn't open and is pretty rotten. We want to make this window a smaller fixed window to match the size of the other window. They are the same width, but the larger one is taller.

What I had envisioned doing was removing the larger window add some basic framing to shrink the height, cut the frame to size, and just putting a new piece of glass in the opening. This will allow me to use the same frame (just cut shorter on the sides, and use the same window sill.

As far as I can tell the other window that I'm matching is done this way. My question is regarding setting the glass. The other window seems to have maybe 1/2" of wood trim completely around the frame on both sides of the glass that sandwich the glass in. There is no visible glazing or sealant. Was/is this standard to just sandwich a sheet of glass between pieces of trim? Is there any sealant etc. needed? Any other issues w/ my solution?



I posted this in the remodeling section with no luck, so I thought I would try here.

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jegolopolli 08-25-2010 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by rjschwar (Post 490665)
Was/is this standard to just sandwich a sheet of glass between pieces of trim? Is there any sealant etc. needed?

Im sure the other one has window putty in there and is painted so you can see it, or one side of it is putty and painted over so it appears to be wood.

Anyways, what you are suggesting sounds ok. Are you planning on using 1/4 round or something?

Anyways, for a sealant just use silicone. Frame out your opening and before you set the glass in it put a bead of silicone where the glass will go. After that put in your wood stops and you are good to go. If you want you can even put a bead on each stop before you nail then down, though it makes it more of a pain if you need to change out the glass sometime in the future, like if it breaks.

rjschwar 08-25-2010 07:09 PM

I looked pretty closely at the other window, as I have all the interior trim removed, and each side has just a piece of wood maybe 1/2"x1 1/2" (her on out called the border) that is pressed against the window, nailed to the frame. I can't see any sealant, and the pane comes out when I remove one side of the border. I've yet to remove the entire pane, but will ahve to because there is a broken piece. When I replace that one, and put in the other I guess I will just use some clear silicon against one side of the border, put in the glass, put another bead then add the interior border.

I had considered using quarter round, but I think that would look odd w/ the windows. I plan to just use a piece of trim. I'm going to reuse as much of the old stuff as I can as long as it is in decent shape. I'll probably sand most of it. How should I seal it if I don't plan on painting for a while? Should I bother? We plan on painting the house next year...hopefully...



jackofmany 08-27-2010 07:15 AM

A good sealer that doesn't cost a fortune is Woodlife. Should be able to search it out. It'll protect the wood til you paint next year. I read the other posts and can't help but mention that paint - or a sealant - applied to the to the wood trim prior to setting the glass would be a good idea especially if this is a "weather side" of your house. Anytime moisture can contact wood, be it through "sweating" which is common in cold climates, or any other means, it is always wise to seal the wood that will be inaccessable.

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