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marlinpuppy 02-10-2009 04:29 PM

Window install question reguarding tyvek
Hi all,
Presently installing new construction windows (double hung) to replace the old ones that are 30+ years old and pretty much served there usefullness. Okay, I live in a townhouse (7 years now) with association rules I have to live by. Originally the home was T-11 and about 15 years ago it was vinyl sided. Before siding was applied, foam board insulation and then a layer of tyvek applied over the foamboard. I took off the trim on the inside of the house to get the rough opening measurements and noticed when the townhouses were built originally it appears that a house wrap of any type was ever used due to the fact that nothing is attached to the winow opening. Also when the vinyl siding was installed, the foamboard and tyvek ran only to the trimboard (3 inch perimeter around window)) as well as the siding ending in a j channel to the trim. My concern is the window opening. I would prefer to have it wrapped before I do any kind of window install. I would like to know if I could tape a piece to where it was ended during the vinyl install and then cut and wrap the window opening as per window install directions. I would like to tuck and overlap the new piece under the exicting and then tape it but I know the association would have a fit if I started taking siding off even though I am a licensed contractor.

I have been trying to get things done around here for a while and basically we have (new pavement in parking lots, new roofs, new pool and decking, etc). The problem with the window install if I waited until we, being the association, would be that it would be another 2 or 3 years before the association would tackle the issue and I cannot wait any longer for two of my windows are in such sad shape I am afraid they will blow out given a good wind not to mention the energy loss I am currently experiencing.

Maybe I will get lucky when I remove the exterior trim boards and I will find that there is a house wrap there I can tie into but I will not know for sure until my windows arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks.

So can I tie into the existing tyvek with the appropriate tape and then treat my opening as new construction by cutting and wrapping the opening? Also when I replace the exterior trim I was thinking about a composite type board...any recommendations.

Termite 02-10-2009 06:01 PM

You might look at Tyvek flex wrap. Without removal of the siding on the outside, I think it will be hard to effectively wrap the window openings, but if anything will work then flex wrap will. It is essentially tyvek mounted to spandex with super-sticky adhesive that allows you to form it around window openings. Whatever you do, it is imparative that you seal it to the tyvek that was applied when the building was re-sided. Flex wrap is very expensive but is the best thing going in my opinion.

As for exterior trim, take a look at LP Smart Trim. It is a wood-based product, but is very durable stuff for exterior trim use (with proper painting).

Tom Struble 02-12-2009 11:56 AM

i would remove 3'' of foam from around those windows replace it with plywood the same thickness install flexwrap to the sill lapping the outside part of the flexwrap onto the tyvek under the sill.
Caulk around the window flange install the window apply flashing tape over the sides and head window flange install a drip cap and then tyvek tying in properly with the existing tyvek then trim as necessary

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