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ajhutt 04-30-2012 09:20 PM

Window flashing over T1-11 siding
I have recently experienced some rot of my T1-11 wood siding where it was installed too close to my deck and moisture rotted it up from the bottom. Other parts of the siding are 'soft' and beginning to rot, although 80% of the house has solid functional T1-11 still on it.

My plan was to replace only the rotted the T1-11 boards around the house with new T1-11 (to ensure even thickness), Tyvek or felt, then vinyl siding, rather than ripping all the T1-11 off and putting the vinyl onto the plywood sheathing. In addition to the new siding I also realized they hever flashed around any of the windows, specificially the patio door which is where the deck rot occured.

I want to properly flash all the windows under my Tyvek/Vinyl siding but am wondering if flashing tape would adhere properly to the face of T1-11 as it would to plywood or OSB?

So to be clear my layering would be, Plywood sheathing, felt (existing), T1-11 (existing with some new), flashing tape, Tyvek, vinyl siding. Will this work and be watertight?? Am I much better off removing all the T1-11 and flashing to the sheathing as a new construction would do? Thanks

Tom Struble 04-30-2012 11:47 PM

how do you propose to flash the existing windows/door if the flanges are on the sheathing? exactly?

to properly flash them they really need to be removed

joecaption 04-30-2012 11:58 PM

My thoughts exactly, post a picture of the windows.
If it was done right the new constrution windows were installed and tar paper (if it's an older home) or window tape was placed over the flanges and the T-111 was installed around the windows. There would be no visable flashing except at the top where there should have been a strip of Z molding.
They just caulk the gaps around the window.

Your window frames need to stick out past the J moulding that trims out the new siding. The J moulding I use is about 5/8" wide.
It can still be done, your just going to have to figure out how to trim the windows and doors.

If that deck is still in place that's tight to the siding there's also going to have to be some extra measures taken there to stop it from happening again.

You do not need to use T-111 when making the repairs. OSB, or CDX Plywood come in the same thicknesses as T-111.
Any small differance will not matter because the siding will just float over it.

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