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Not Sure 08-09-2006 10:25 PM

Window doesn't slip well
I had a 2' by 2' window installed in the shower area of the master bath. It is a slider. The problem is that the slider part of the window wobbles around when it slides open. It doesn't just slide nicely. I called the company I bought it from. They said to grab hold of the sliding part of the window from the middle when I open it. Well, sure enough, it does slide much better, but shouldn't it slide smoothly even if I slide it by holding onto the bottom part of the window?

Not Sure 08-09-2006 10:28 PM

Oops, I mean the window doesn't "slide" well, not "slip" well. I think I'm getting a little too frustrated over this building job!

redline 08-10-2006 09:24 AM

Do you now the manufacturer of the window?
and the model?

Not Sure 08-12-2006 08:12 AM

Shower windows can be super yucky!
I searched "shower window" right here on the DIY chatroom web site. I made a general search over the whole site. I came across this one chat started by farrington 135 made back in Aug 2005. In this chat, about nine posts down, is this picture of the results of a leaking shower window. Nasty, yuck!

I felt the window I purchased was poor in its action. I looked back to the receipt for the brand name of the window. No name was given. It just said "INSL HS ALMOND VINYL WINDOW 2020 #1120" I will look for the sticker that was on the window. It must be somewhere in the building mess.

I bought Pella windows for the entire house. It was an after thought to put the window in the shower area of the master bath. I went down to a local builders' supply and picked up a window that was instock. The window was $91.71. I guess it was just a cheap window.

I hired a general contractor to look over my job after I got started. As we were walking through the house for an inspection, he spotted the window and he expressed concern. Not only did the opening part of the window rock around when opening it, but it had this trough across the bottom. Mike, the general contractor, told me this would hold water. He told me he could drill little holes in the bottom of the trough area, but with the type of water in the area, they would plug up in no time. He really didn't feel the window would pass inspection anyway as we got to the final. Then, to replace the window or close it up would look like a patch job.

So, I just took the window out! The shower looked nice with the window, but it was just too much of a potential headache.

THANK YOU so much for your post to my thread! It got me thinking.

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