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can'tdecide 09-29-2004 03:03 PM

where to start
I bought a couch and want to sand/finish floors and paint walls prior to bringing furniture into house as i know sanding is a messy job. i want to sand the livingroom, dining room, master bedroom, hallways and steps done at the time of appointment. However, as I was ripping out the rugs, I noticed some damp spots on the floors and not celings. Had a contractor come in to check the roof thinking it was leaking. It was determined that the a/c (we have an oil burner with a forced air condition system. The system sits in the attic instead of connected to the furnance as conventional a/c are. Ours is sitting over the bathroom ceiling.) and possibly the bathtub is leaking. Contractor said that he could feel that the bathroom floor tile is "loose" although there are no cracks in the tlle.

The contractor told me that prior to him or anyone doing the floors that if I want my bathroom remodeled, I should have that done first as they will have to use the hallway and steps to carry out the debris from the upstairs bath which could possibly damage the floors. Thus my problem. My husband just wants to do the LR & DR and get the furniture in the house. I say to do the bathroom prior to having the floors sanded then bring the furniture into the house.

We moved into the house over 3 years ago and haven't really done anything because we have been arguing as to where to start. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

can'tdecide 10-03-2004 04:06 PM


Update: Decided on just fixing the bathroom - husband will appreicate in long run. Anyway, doing some research. Anyway suggestions on brands/products to stay away from.

Teetorbilt 10-03-2004 10:23 PM

My first thought is 'what are you waiting for?'.
My current home, 3 yrs. now, had ceiling beams and indirect lighting removed plus all of the tile except for the bathrooms and all of the trim. Flooring was replaced with wood, trim, colonial, interior was painted, kitchen given a standby makeover, front door and sidelight replaced and much of the landscaping was completed IN ONE MONTH.
We are not rich and everything was done by us, we just kicked everything into high gear. You can do it too if you want to.

can'tdecide 10-04-2004 12:30 PM

1.) Agreed prior to buying house STUPIDLY agreeing with husband that we would only have contractors work on the house and not family members. i.e. my dad who can do anything, just doesn't really finish the project.

2.) Agreeing to buy the house knowing full well that the bathroom and kitchen needed updating, and the whole house painted. We thought it would be fun to work on house together. (Yeah, he works 12 hour days) Didn't figure out anything was really wrong with hall carpeting for almost 1.5 years. Husband still believes the problem is from people walking from bathroom to bedroom with wet feet/bodies for 40 years. I think he is correct, but that there is also a small slow leak somewhere. Besides, first project was to replace the original furnance. Oh, and the a/c shorted out first time I turned on. so that was replaced also.

3.) After closing, husband left to go back to old job for 3 months. One month after closing, I with was in horrible car accident. The truck flipped and slid in a cornfield for a couple of yards. I am grateful to say that myself, the dogs and the other driver all walked away from the accident. 2 lane road, inexpereinced driver (permit, no licensed driver with him) going almost 90 (I was going well below speed limit of 45) he tried to pass 3 cars and a dump truck. Thank God I was paying attention and saw him coming in my lane and swerved into the field next to the road. He clipped the front driver side ripping off the tire which caused me to flip over. I'm still amazed that the dogs and I crawled out of the car only badly bruised and banged up, but still alive.

4.) Prior to accident, I started to do work in house and unpack while husband was still out of town and when he returned didn't like anything that I had done and complained about it. (He is still ticked off that my parents and I cut down a bug infested bush in the backyard. The last straw was when I found one of the bugs in my bedroom. The neighbors and I haven't seen these bugs since the bush has been gone.) So, I just completely quit doing everything until he could help with the work. He continued to work 12 hour days until Spring 2004. Only grudingly doing only things that needed to be done. Also had many stupid arguements over that fact that he wanted the interior painted and floors sanded PRIOR TO contractors coming into the house to do work. I was planning on hiriing painters and people to do floors.)

3.) Received 2 quotes painting - the first was unknowing from a top notch painter and the second was from a handyman. Both quotes were for $5,000 to paint the living room, dining room, up/down hallways. The house doesnot have cathedral ceilings, but does need to have a skim coat on all the walls. However, we used MAB brand primer in the bedrooms and it hid all the imperfections. So thinking skim coat is just needed on wall going up the stairs (there must have been wallpaper in prior times.) Anway, I'm not paying 5 grand to have something done that my father and I can do in a week.
(refer to #1.)

So, this all leads us up to this point. 3 years later. I know these are all weird excuses and I'm surprised I don't have an ulcer over this. However, I think he does. I have considered going back to live with parents over all of this - no kids, why put up with the BS. He has cut back on his hours at work and we have started working on some projects together. So, as I'm getting quotes for work I'm STILL trying to convince him that this work should be done prior to the floors getting done.

Please don't say we need couples therapy - we both know we do - however we are having disagreements over where to go for this. Sorry you asked right????

Unregistered 10-12-2004 04:57 PM

Seeking advice.
I'm 21 years old, and i have been hired as a foreman for a construction company. my background is landscaping and i have a tiny bit of knowledge on construction. my boss tells me that i dont need to worry about not knowing alot about construction because all i need to know is spanish...(im bilingual) i am willing to learn and am a very hard working, but i was seeing if anyone out there could give me some advice on my situation. im not scared of leading a group, i guess just unsure that the other men might see it as unfair that i dont know half as much as they do and i am giving them orders.

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