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Studly 09-23-2009 03:33 PM

What trim is more water resistant and holds paint better: Miratec or Smart Trim?
We'll be re-siding the front of our house with fiber cement siding. For trim, we've narrowed it down to Miratec and Smart Trim, since PVC trim is out due to the much higher cost.

Out of Miratec and Smart Trim, is one more water resistant and better at holding paint? Are they made any differently? They both appear to be engineered wood, although if you look at a cross section or look at the edges, the Miratec looks smoother and looks like it would be easier to paint because of the smoothness on the edge. I also like how it comes primed on all 4 sides, whereas the Smart Trim that our local Menard's carries is unfinished/unprimed on the back.

After reviewing both products' websites, I can't tell if they are made out of the same elements, but Miratec plays up its "phenolic resins" as an ingredient and I don't see that listed on the Smart Trim website. Does that mean Miratec is made of more plastic, kind of like the composite materials used in composite decking boards, which are very water resistant?

If they're close to the same in water resistance, we'll likely buy Smart Trim because we can buy 1x4 boards at Menard's on sale for about 50 cents per foot. I believe the Miratec sells in our area for about 80 cents per foot.

If you've used either or both of these trims, please chime in and let me know the trim that is the best value in relation to its water resistance. Thanks for your feedback!!

gregt848 09-23-2009 06:40 PM

I used Miratec on my deck and it holds paint really well. Still looks as good as when it was painted three years ago and not peeling or chipping. Where I used real wood was peeling the first year. Not sure of the other brand. Could be even better. Hope this helps.

Studly 09-24-2009 10:26 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Glad Miratec worked out well for you.

Another question I have is would either Miratec or Smart Trim work well for a fascia board? Our current cedar fascia boards get a lot of water running over them because we have no gutters and when they reroofed our house several years ago, they didn't put a drip edge on it.

david.plymouth 10-03-2009 06:16 AM

I'm currently working around my house replacing all of the trim and facia boards with Miratec. The ones installed 3 years ago still look good and much better than some of the wood boards that I re-painted at the same time. I took these down to bare wood, primed and put on two coats of semi-gloss but some areas are already peeling. Not familiar with the other product, but I'm sure anything is better than wood at resisting moisture, particularly the end grain.

rizzo 10-03-2009 07:45 AM

I have used Smart-side (the menards trim) to replace 1x10 fascia boards around our place. The original pine fascias and in places the sub-facia was shot. Best I can tel, the Smart-trim is OSB with a plastic bonded overlay on one side and one edge. I had no issues painting it (6 sides) and have had it in place for 3 years now. I sealed any cut edges with polyurethane and caulked any face nail holes for extra protection. Re-roofing also gave us opportunity to properly install gutter apron to prevent the boards from water exposure. For the gable fascias we went with PVC near the eaves and 6-side painted cedar for the rest. I will say that any of these composite boards are much heavier and burdensome to install.

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