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hyunelan2 02-06-2012 10:39 AM

What to do "behind" electric fireplace framing?
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I am framing out this nook area in my basement to install an electric firebox. Framing for the firebox is simple enough. What should I do to the concrete wall behind the front wall? The directions seem to show that being framed in the primitive drawing? Should I frame, insulate, and sheetrock that, then build the front wall that holds the fireplace? Should I just leave it concrete? Glue up exposed XPS?

Directions say at least 2" of clearance behind the box and combustibles. This drawing leaves 3.5" from what would be the framing (so room for 1/2" drywall + 3" of space).

Note: the large area above covered in OSB is just the backside of what will be a recessed niche for hanging a painting. The small OSB piece above is to block off the end of a soffit.

P.S. I know the framing is "off" on top of the recessed area. I altered a design and just didn't fix that in this drawing. This is also not load bearing, so ignore the double top plates.

Marvel 02-10-2012 01:40 PM

Don't think I would want any combustible items behind the firebox. On a different note I think you should raise the firebox for visual purposes. Easy enough to test with graphics.

hyunelan2 02-10-2012 02:13 PM

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Thanks for the reply. From what I've found, and what I'm doing, is framing and then covering with 5/8 drywall. Then framing the wall in front of it. I don't know if this is necessary for electric direct contact, but it's how you would do a gas insert. Nothing wrong with overbuilding, I suppose.

I went through probably 15 different iterations of fireplace higher or lower, mantel or not, hearth or not. I think this is what I've settled on. Colors may vary:

Some other options I looked into were:
just the fireplace, no surround:

Surrounded by tile, and a stoop.

Traditional look with a stoop, painted white.

Of the different designs I did, I think I like the tile flush with the floor underneath it. The design will stay the same, but I'm not sure for color/materials yet. I'm either going to build it out of all cherry, stained light, all white with a something like poplar, or a combination of white/cherry/tile inserts. Some examples:

I've also killed the idea of the niche above - the wall was too busy.

Marvel 02-10-2012 02:17 PM

Well you seem to have done the homework and your final choice is attractive. Did you also consider extending the mantel and surround out to the angled walls?

Marvel 02-10-2012 02:41 PM

The reason for the suggestion is to add dominant visual balance to the lower portion. Your previous picture rebate and fireplace didn't work because neither of the two elements were dominant an "unresolved duality" as we say.

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