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telldon 09-21-2009 06:13 PM

wet crawl space under basement subfloor.
Hi Everyone
I have a problem with a new house we just moved into.
The contractor put a subfloor in the basement , with a crawl space under it , and its very wet ... Its been damp until last night when it rained, NOW its very wet with pooling water . I have checked for wet spots around entire basement and have found none.
there is a sump pump in the crawlspace and the ground is Clay surrounding the house. ( the basement wall (poured concrete) are about 4 foot under the crawl space floor.) i am concerned about mold and mildew causing damage to the floor and our health. There is also a hygrometer installed with a vented fan, ( although I have never heard or seen this fan ON.
I am looking for help so that i may resolve this problem.

stadry 09-21-2009 07:01 PM

37yrs i've been doing that work & THIS is the 1st time i EVER heard of a crawlspace under a basement - let alone a subfloor over it ! i's stumped !

telldon 09-21-2009 07:16 PM

Thats what I said until I seen it, and I have been concerned since I seen it. The crawl space floor is about 12 foot down from the top of the basement walls and there is 8' ceiling in the basement. The subfloor is Above the crawl space , and the egress windows are about 4'x4' to the window wells .
It is a Basement with a subfloor and a crawl space underneath it.

Daniel Holzman 09-21-2009 07:23 PM

Was the name of the previous owner John Gacy by any chance?

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