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Grant2k 11-24-2012 11:35 AM

Weird little bathroom insulation questions
Hi, this is my first post, hopefully this makes some kind of sense.

I have a weird little house and an even weirder little bathroom. When entering the room the vanity is to the right on a wall that is only about 5'10". I am not sure why they built this part of the house with the roof coming so low down, but that's how tall the wall is. My girlfriend and I are only 5'6" and 5'4" so the low wall and mirror isn't really a problem. From the top of that wall the ceiling is vaulted for about 24" and them flattens out into a 2x4 framework so the ceiling is only around 6'4" and this goes across the room and into the shower. I don't know why the previous owner (who apparently fancied himself a real handyman) built the ceiling so low, I think it's to conceal the entire old fashioned vent fan above the ceiling. The ceiling framework at this low level does not contain any ceiling joists, it's just a weird framework made to support the sheetrock, so I can raise the ceiling at least to the point of whatever joists or collar ties are up there that I haven't discovered yet.

My plan is to vault the ceiling, but the rafters are not really deep enough to insulate it properly. My question is, would the following be a reasonable solution?

On the exterior walls (the short wall and the ceiling) I will use rigid foam insulation behind the sheetrock and foam batting in the rafters which will only be about 5 1/4". Then on the roof I will use another layer of rigid foam above the sheathing with 1x2 furring strips for vent space to a soffit vent and another layer of sheathing and then the final roofing with roof vents.

Whatever I do to this room I will also do to the other side of the roof so it is all insulated and vented the same way.

Hopefully this makes some kind of sense. I can't afford to knock it down and rebuild this part of the house which is what it really needs so hopefully this solution will be a sound way to build a bathroom. Or else it's back to the drawing board.

Grant2k 11-24-2012 05:11 PM

Well, after taking down some ceiling insulation and looking at what I've got, I see I have a mess. The bathroom is an addition added onto an addition by building a wall out from another wall and attaching rafters from that wall onto the existing roof, shingles and all. So basically there is a roof in the ceiling of my hallway.

As I see it one option from here is to just eliminate this bathroom and find a way to expand my half bath into a full bath. This isn't really an option though because there is a crawl space under this "addition" so keeping it part of the house might be easier than trying to do something with the crawl space.

I'm guessing this means I basically have to start from scratch on this part of the house.

joecaption 11-24-2012 05:27 PM

Not sure how anyone here can be of much help without some pictures.

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