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Weeping/Drainage Tile for non-continuous walls

Not sure how to title this.

In my basement/crawl, there are footings in some places, and in others the wall stops and there is dirt underneath. My house is built on rock and I think they poured directly onto the rock but didn't clear soil/dirt out of the cracks/low areas 60 years ago. Where this happens, is only a foot or so below ground level.

Water does seep in and I'd like to prevent this by putting drainage in around the house. It is high up on a hill so water should be easy to redirect.

If I want to do this, would I stick vapour barrier to the outer wall and make sort of a U with it, around the weeping tile, to catch the water before it runs into the house? It seems to me that if I just put weeping tile down in the usual way that this will not prevent water from entering because there is no concrete wall to stop it from pushing in.



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Rain Drains and Down Spouts


Several thoughts:

FYI, clogged subterranean down spouts off gutters are the biggest contributors to the wet basements I look at. I don't know if you have them, but, if you do, consider detaching them and daylighting the gutters away from your house.

We don't usually line foundation / perimeter / rain drains in a "U" shaped manner with a water proof barrier. (We do often line the outside of the rain drain excavation with filter fabric to keep the drain system from clogging with dirt.) Typically, waterproofing is installed flat against foundation walls but against the wall only. You want to allow all the water to find its way to the drain. The drain offers the path of least resistance, and water is meant to follow it down hill and away from your house.

I have not done it, but I do know of at least one case where a contractor installed a heavy poly barrier under a gravel parking area to catch all the water landing on the area and divert it to the new drain he installed inside it. Your "U" approach on a much wider scale.

If you are not installing a foundation drain but are installing a "french" drain further from your house and are not exposing the foundation, you would definitely leave that unlined except for filter fabric.

You should be able to find diagrams online covering the most common scenarios.

Good luck, have fun,



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Hey Rory,

Thanks a bunch for typing a detailed response. It is very much appreciated.

I will be emptying the gutters soon. I bought the house only a few months ago but the gutters have been hard to get at due to the slope of the house and the winter. I don't think the previous owners maintained the house at all. Maybe once I get those in proper working order, I won't have an issue at all.

As you suggested, I will start with the gutter then look into the other options if I find water in the crawl.

Thanks again,
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