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amakarevic 02-17-2011 02:14 AM

weatherproofing shed near foundation
my shed foundation/slab is completely flush with the ground around it and, to make a long story short, it is not possible to dig a small ditch around to take runoff water away (to preemptively eliminate related suggestions).

currently, i have sheathing hung on it but not housewrap nor siding. was wondering if there is a bituminous sealant of some sort that i can smear around the bottom of the sheathing or perhaps inside where the PT framing sole plates meet the concrete slab so as to prevent runoff water from leaking in.

thanks :thumbup:

jod78 02-17-2011 07:12 AM

that doesnt sound like a plan to me, honestly. That's really not getting to the source of the issue and I don't think it's going to be a permanent fix by any means. If you can't dig, then why don't you build up around the foundation? Maybe (?) you could take half inch hardibacker and nail that up around the perimeter of the shed at the base going a couple feet up - its not waterproof, but at least it won't rot from moisture. Then take a watertight wrap of some sort, hang it a foot or two up on the sides of the shed and then lay it a couple feet out on the ground extending from the shed. From there, build up with soil so that you have a slope away from the shed. There's a product that they use in drilling mud that I've heard you can buy (starts with a B, can't think what it is) and perhaps use that as the base as you build your slope as it's supposedly waterproof. You still might have the issue of ground moisture getting up and wicking into the hardibacker, but thats the best I can think of if the slab was not built up like it should have been and you cannot create a drainage channel around it. at least it will prevent runoff from getting into the shed. Although Ive heard people using this drilling mud product and packing it around storm cellars and such to prevent leakage, so maybe you can dig down a foot and out a foot around your foundation and fill in with this product

OR - the correct fix to end all fixes: Remove all framing down to the slab and pour new slab over existing to raise it to the proper level

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