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tstorzuk 12-27-2010 01:15 AM

Waterproof walls & Ceiling in Condo
A little help please,

After having recent leaks into my condo from one of the units above me, I have been thinking of waterproofing the ceiling and perhaps the walls. I'd like to know if it's possible.

Starting with the ceilings above my drywall are my 2x4 studs. Above the studs is an open gap of about 18". Above the gap is the concrete slab that is the floor of the unit above mine. There are openings at some points for exhaust vents, so I'd like to know how to seal those up too with still being able to vent out them. I thought of using spray foam insulation, but I'm not sure if that would be waterproof. I do know that it acts as a air-tight seal though. I don't know if the leaks came through the openings or cracks in the concrete slab.

As for the walls, the outer ones I have found that underneath the drywall is a vapor barrier, studs, insulation and concrete slabs or brick (cinder blocks on some and decorative bricks on walls facing the street). I was thinking of using the spray foam. But like I said, I don't know if that would be waterproof.

I would prefer to use something that I can spray on, or use a roller brush to apply. Since it's all concrete or brick, it will have to be thick and probably flexible. Plus it will be applied on the inside as opposed to the outside, so vapor emissions must not be present in the product used.

Much appreciated for all of your comments, tips and tricks-of-the-trade.

stadry 12-27-2010 06:15 AM

no, it isn't possible,,, while there are several coatings that will prevent wtr intrusion, they're applied to the positive side rather's the negative ( leaking ) side,,, the source of the leak needs to be addressed - this usually involves the condo mgmt contractor, the condo board, & their choice of contractor,,, on occasion, i've also seen this situation involve attorneys for all, too :yes:

we work for the largest condo mgmt agency in atl,,, it happens all the time.

having suffered thru several units' leaking wtr htrs over the past 10 yrs AND having our condo on the 1st floor, changing wtr htrs every 8yrs is a help compared to closing the barn door after the horse runs away,,, attorneys seem to get MUCH better results for us :thumbup:

having burst your ' silver bullet ' bubble, ' several leaks ' suggests you're willing to accept a situation that any other owner would find appalling - its YOUR condo & YOU need to repair THEIR leaks ?

just for ***** & giggles, IF you could stop the wtr, where do you think it would then go ? back upstairs OR lie in wait for another weak spot meanwhile creating whatever damage ?

' I don't know ' is the truest part of your post - send a registered letter to ' whoever ' INCLUDING the units above [ return receipt, of course ],,, be prepared to deal w/any damage prior to the response & RETAIN an atty who specializes in condo law.

good luck !

DIY_ing_Guy 12-27-2010 10:12 AM

Probably obvious, but I would add a call to my insurance agent to make sure I was covered for both structure and contents.


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