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Nospammer 10-04-2011 04:06 PM

Water Overflow from Downspout Drain
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My rear gutters' downspout drains into a hole with rocks on the bottom. I think the hole only goes down 3 feet until I touch rocks. I haven't found any drains on the front of the house so does this mean this is a storm drain vs a french drain?We have a lot of downpours here where we've witnessed the hole that this downspout draining into overflowing. I understand that the function of the gutters is primarily to steer water away from the house so it doesn't damage the foundation. Therefore, I've gone out during these downpours and temporarily steered the downspout away from the hole with a splash block from my front downspout as the water just pools there. How concerned should I be about the overflowing water pooling in this spot?
Should I be creating some other drainage to steer the water away from the house?
What type of drainage should it be? This is a rambler house with a crawl space.

stadry 10-04-2011 04:18 PM

we install french drains for a living so we LOVE houses like yours :thumbup: current code calls for downspouts to discharge 6' from the house which means you need some extensions,,, i'd guess its currently dumping into a leader drain ( at least i hope so ) BUT the 4" flex pipe also has holes in it - leader drain pipe doesn't,,, yours may also be leading to a ' dry well ' however discharging a downspout next to your fine home's bsmt wall is NOT good

a ' french drain ' ( as most understand it ) is a collection pipe typically installed under the bsmt floor leading to a sump ( collection point ) & either drains by gravity OR is mechanically discharged via a sump pump.

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