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bjoldham 08-12-2009 02:40 PM

water damage to exterior wall with rot and mold
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We had a leaky roof in the back room of our house for a while, we finally got the roof fixed and were replacing some dry wall that had become moldy, but upon removing the dry wall we found rotten, moldy wood underneath. How should we go about replacing the rotten portion of the exterior wall?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


stuart45 08-12-2009 03:27 PM

Hard to be sure from a photo, but it could be the mycelium of dry rot.

bjoldham 08-12-2009 04:10 PM

I believe you're right. I've been wondering what to do, about not only replacing the wood, but also how to keep it from spreading to the other wood. I've read about different mildicide products but it seems quite overwhelming at this point.

stuart45 08-12-2009 04:47 PM

The problem with dry rot is that unlike wet rot it can travel across plaster and brickwork to find more timber for lunch. The first step is to remove the leak which you have already done. The next step is to find out the extent of the damage and dry the area out. You then need to remove all the affected timber and also at least 1 metre of good timber back from the rotten. All rotten timber needs bagging up and burning to kill the spores. New timbers need treating. As dry rot can live in plaster or brickwork (it can't get any food from these however) you might have to have this treated. There are specialist companies that deal with timber rots, but when they see dry rot the signs come up in front of their eyes, or in your case $ signs. The Building Research Establishment has done a lot of reseach into dry rot lately, and the latest info is that if you remove all the conditions that the fungus needs to survive it will usually die after about 1 year. I could e-mail you the BRE booklet on dry rot, its recognition and control if you like.

bjoldham 08-12-2009 05:22 PM

That would be cool.

stuart45 08-12-2009 05:24 PM

I need your e-mail address.

bjoldham 08-12-2009 05:26 PM


stuart45 08-12-2009 05:33 PM

Have sent it. Hope you get OK. My computer skills need a bit more work.

stuart45 08-12-2009 05:36 PM

Have just had a failure notice. Will try again.

stuart45 08-12-2009 05:41 PM

If you don't get it try e-mailing me

bjoldham 08-12-2009 05:48 PM

Thanks a whole lot my family and I really appreciate it.

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