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Not Sure 10-09-2006 05:26 AM

Walls That Aren't Straight
The home I am building is getting near completion. (I bet a lot of the regular DIYers are happy to hear the news.:) )

I've got some sheetrock issues. I have two nicho areas in the hallways that are inserted in at 45 degree angles. I first complained about the nicho walls where they hit the hall wall just after they had been sheetrocked, taped, and textured. I told the buisiness' rep. that the lines were not straight from the top to the bottom. That the line where they met the wall looked wavy, uneven. I was told that is just the hand texture. It was fine. So, after the nicho area had been painted it isn't just fine. The sheetrock actually has a bow in it in the middle. The line where the nicho wall meets the hall wall looks to curve in about a half an inch in about a two and a half foot span. Yes, the rep. came out again and can see it. It had to have been the framers fault for not putting support there. He claims the whole thing will have to come down, the framer will have to come back, and then, he will do his part... The drywall guy makes it seem like it will be a huge thing to get this area right. So, I was reading in another post about a fiberglass filler??? Do you think this is do-able in my house? Someone (not the drywall guy) suggested putting more mud and adding some kind of paint kilz(?) to stop the cracking. Only one nicho line is horrible in my opinion. I see little imperfections in several places all over the house, but am only complaining about the one that I think looks bad enough for people to think the house wasn't built well. P.S. I also have some corners of walls that don't go straight up the whole 12' height. It looks like the walls sort-of bend in at the top. Can this be an easy fix or should I just leave it alone?

I feel like such a whiner!

AtlanticWBConst. 10-09-2006 09:50 AM

Well, First off, it is really hard to tell without actually seeing it...

These can be difficult to get straight and even harder, if not impossible, when the framing is warped.

To get these areas straight, should start at the framing process by making sure that the lumber used is carefully inspected for it's straightness. Then, carefully framed in. It is really like doing finished carpentry, and must be done right, in order to look right.....For all the lines to meet up properly.
The sheetrock for the area should be done by the best hanger and taped by the best taper...since all of it shows very visually.
[We would use 're-enforced tape' (Plastic strips on the inside edges for straightness) to get all the outside and inside edges straight and perpendicular in such an application.]

That is my personal opinion.

Aside from that, again, it is hard to try and imagine what you are dealing with. Some things can be 'fixed', while others may be just as your drywall person told you: Must be completely get it right.
It's something that may only be figured out by physically being there and inspecting it.

-my 2 cents -

Not Sure 10-09-2006 08:40 PM

So, I went down to the business office and talked with the two guys at the front desk. I took pictures with me. The two guys were nice and discussed some possible solutions. One of the men told me he'd go out in the afternoon with a "tape man" and see what could be done. One thing that came up was to put up kind-of like a reverse bullnose in the nicho walls' corners where they meet the hall wall. It's like the plastic strip with paper on the inside edges like you suggested. The outer edges of all the walls throughout the house are bullnosed. The bullnose the company used was metal with paper.

We'll see.

Thank you very much for replying! I really appreciate your time and thoughts on my sheetrock problems.

Help would be much easier to get if I could show my problems with pictures. I still haven't figured out how to get them on my posts yet. Maybe learning to post pictures will be a good winter break project.

Not Sure 12-27-2006 07:49 AM

The tape man came out and fixed my walls with no problem! Why couldn't he have just come out when I first complained!

I know I'm a perfectionist. But, it did get fixed along with all the other little things I pointed out.

Bonus 12-27-2006 11:55 AM

What did he do, Notsure?

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