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analogmusicman 02-18-2008 11:28 PM

wallboard type
I know that kitchen paint should be enamel to resist moisture. what about the wallboard underneath? should it be the "green" kind you use in bathrooms? if the answer is yes (hope it's not :-) then how about this: I'm converting a room in the basement into a kitchen, the wallboard that's already there must be the regular kind since it was finished as an exercize room. if the answer is no and regular wallboard is ok, then what about behind the sink? should there be a "backsplash"?


hammer 02-19-2008 07:16 AM

Regular drywall should be fine, and a backsplash should be at least 4"along countertop with sink.

troubleseeker 02-19-2008 09:41 PM

Regular wall board is fine, and the idea that kitchen paint had to be enamel is a little used holdover from the old days, when enamel was used because the walls and ceilings in kitchens had to be frequently scrubbed to remove grease and cooking residue, which built up quickly because of poor, or most frequently , no ventilation equipment.

Like hammer said, you definately want a backsplash behind all the work surfaces.

AtlanticWBConst. 02-20-2008 03:24 AM

Regular sheetrock = fine

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