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mamawantup 07-19-2006 09:26 AM

Wall trim
I carefully removed the old trim, which came with our 1970s house, to replace the flooring, also original, marking the back of each piece with its location. I scrubbed the pieces with a water/vinegar solution to get off grime, then lightly sanded them with medium-grit paper. I applied two coats of primer and one of color. Because the weather was VERY humid, and I was doing this in the garage, I allowed at least a day between each coat.

I just brought the pieces back into the house and put them in their places, but they do not fit. If each end of a long piece is put into its appropriate corner, the piece bows out considerably. Rather than force anything, I have left them in the room. Could the wood simply have swelled in the humidity and will return to normal size once it acclimates to the room? Or will I have to cut some off the ends? Or is the bowing normal, and I should just force it in with nails?

Thank you!

MgMopar 07-20-2006 06:38 AM

Yes, The wood could have gained enogh moisture not to fit. Make sure they are laying flat in the room so they don't gain any bends or warps. Give it a few days then try again. Also in some cases I have seen some trim cut fairly tight you may at that point need to trim or sand it to fit correctly again after removal. A file could be used make sure to pull away from the side that shows in the room in case the wood splinters.

mamawantup 07-20-2006 08:35 AM

Thanks! I did that, and all but one piece fit. The original installers, rather than cutting the piece to fit, forced it through the wallboard in one corner. I had to replace that section of wallboard because it was very damp, warped, and yellowed from when our sump pump broke and overflowed, so when I reinstalled it, it had to be trimmed. Or maybe the trim expanded with the flood water, never dried out completely, and expanded right through the weakened wallboard. Either way, it had to be trimmed. Thank you!!!

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