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kypper 07-02-2008 10:56 PM

Wall Panel Over Sheetrock in Garage
The wall between my attached garage and house is sheetrocked on the garage side. I believe this is a code for a firewall. This sheetrock is getting banged up and I would like to put some wall panels over the sheetrock that are a little more durable. They are wall panels that can be glued to the wall. I would assume the panel and especially the adhesive would be flameable. Would this be allowed with the code?

Thank you in advance for any insight on this.

Termite 07-03-2008 07:57 AM

Heck of a good question. You're right that your garage is sheetrocked as a pseudo-firewall (nonrated assembly) to slow the passage of fire from the garage to the house, or the structural members that support it.

Assuming you're in a single family residence, right? If not, specifically describe the building you live in (duplex, townhome, apartment, etc).

Assuming single family house, there is not a code requirement for noncombustible construction materials in the garage. You can use wood paneling and adhesive to cover the sheetrock. The sheetrock has to be left in place though.

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