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aklkuno1 09-06-2008 04:01 PM

Wall Painting
I live in a Doublewide Mobile with with pre-wallpapered, or laminated walls. I really do not know what to call the walls.

I removed the piece used to conceal the meetings of the drywall. I Spackled and used Joint Compound, then painted to conceal the seam but it only stands out more. I have Spackled and used Joint Compound, sanded them as flat as I could, made it nice and smooth but I can still see where the areas I have covered is like a bump from where I guess are casting shadows. I have been successful in completeley hiding the lines in some of the walls, but no matter how many times I re-sand, I still see the flaws in those areas.

Is there a tried and proven way of flattening a wall so you do not see the flaws so obliviously. I primed and painted in a Interior Flat Acrylic Bright White/Base 1 paint. I tried semigloss but that shows the flaws even more. Depending on the lighting (natural during the day or ceiling-lamp lighting in the evening) the flaws are not noticeable.

Can anyone tell me of any techniques I can use to if at the least make the line, (now some are 4 inch or more wide strips going down the wall from ceiling to floor. Someone please help me:icon_cry:

de_sjiem 09-26-2008 09:57 AM

I don't actually know the answer to your question aside from putting new drywall in (the panels they use in mobile homes don't have the valley standard drywall does that helps to hide the seams in finishing) But I also want to warn you about painting the panels. Make sure you scuff them up a bit, or else in a few years the paint will start peeling (like it is here) and that is really a lot of work to deal with...

Big Bob 09-26-2008 04:17 PM

Manufactured homes often use VCG (vinyl clad gypsum). This product does not have recessed edges like standard drywall.

We have provided an acceptable painted finish by:
1. remove all trim /staples and nails.
2. light to medium sanding
3. prime with "Fresh Start" or equal
4. bed & tape joints... sand
5. finish mud joint coat with wide 12-14" knife....Inspect...
( wall or seams may require wider additional mud work) some walls will need a total skim coat.
6. sand & prime....inspect for flaws.. more mud work...sand and prime..
Inspect again...repeat as needed.
7. Paint with good quality Flat finish.

Inspection should not be done at high foot candle lighting level alone.

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