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Bebe 09-22-2011 11:52 AM

vynil siding is it ok to screw or nail throught it for hanging objects
I would like to hand a light art decor but I would like to hang it on the side of our home which has vynil siding. Can I put screws or nails through vynil siding. Will it hold up a light weight object?

ddawg16 09-22-2011 12:14 PM

In simple terms.....NO.

The stuff has no strength...and if you go through it and into wood....that would hold...but now you have a hole in the side of your protective barrier.....a place for water to get in....

You could calk around it....but you need to make sure your into wood.....

dpach 09-22-2011 04:01 PM

If you screw through it into wood (wall stud beneath the sheeting preferred), it should be fine. The vinyl siding is not the protective barrier against rain, as moisture and humidity can get under vinyl siding. It's your vapour barrier such as typar, or tyvek (building wrap) that went on under your vinyl siding that is your moisture (protective) barrier.

What you can try is drill a hole in your vinyl exactly the size of the screw. Then drill a hole in the wood half the thickness of the screw, but only a 1/2 inch deep or so if into a wall stud or a 1/4 inch if just into the sheeting (this allows the screw to dig into undrilled wood, but has a pilot hole to follow). Before screwing in the screw, take some building tar in a caulking tube, push the tip through the hole in the vinyl (you may have to push the vinyl in a bit) so you can dab some tar in the pilot hole you drilled. When you then screw in the screw, the tar will seal the hole in the wood, and squish out and seal the hole through the typar/tyvek also.

I would also caulk around the screw in the vinyl also.

I'm sure others will have some ideas also.

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