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sljacobs 02-28-2010 05:17 AM

Vinyl siding repair
Last summer I had Certainteed vinyl siding put on my home through funds of a county home improvement program. They also wrapped my windows and the frame of the garage door with aluminum wrap.

I have a one year warranty on the work. As soon as the cold weather started, the aluminum wrap on the garage door frame came unattached at places along the lower edge. This edge could have been made longer and covered by a painted trim piece that was nailed back up, but it simply bordered that trim piece. The aluminum wrap broke free from the staples and the yellow glue or caulk that held it down and is puffed up on the frame. Parts of the aluminum are still attached, but many places have broken free. Sorry I don't have a camera, I hope this description is enough.

I need to contact the worker to repair his work. My question involves the vinyl siding around this garage door frame. Can he replace the aluminum wrap without damaging the vinyl siding? I imagine the aluminum wrap is attached under the sidng at the top edge. I only have a few extra pieces of siding materials.

On a similar note, if I ever can afford to get vinyl replacement windows installed, can that be done without damaging the vinyl siding already in place?

Is it smart to go to Lowe's and try to find another box of siding with the same lot number as a spare for repairs?

Thanks for your help, Susan

Tom Struble 02-28-2010 05:40 AM

yes the trim around the garage can be easily fixed without damaging any siding...his installation sounds kind of shoddy

''replacement'' windows can be installed any time without disturbing the siding extensively

usually i will leave the homeowner 4-6 panels after a siding job,if they have a place to store them,a whole box is way overkill,plus its not likely you will get the same lot number anyway

sljacobs 02-28-2010 06:04 AM

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, a lot of his work was shoddy. I hate to have him working on my house again, but I can't afford to call someone new while the improvements are still under warranty by the county. The building inspector made him redo several things I was unhappy with last summer.

But, if you are saying that he can remove the aluminum wrap that is loose from under the siding and install new without damaging the siding, that is one less thing to worry about. I have a few extra pieces of material, but hoped to save them for future repairs if needed.


Tom Struble 02-28-2010 07:29 AM

Susan as long as you have a few pieces save them [store them flat] but don't go buy a box, certainteed's siding stays very consistent over the years,if you ever need that much siding in the future just buy more then

an yes the garage door casing is easily repaired in fact it's probably the most common siding repairs,followed by melted siding from grills too close

firehawkmph 02-28-2010 10:29 AM

[quote=tomstruble;407161]Susan as long as you have a few pieces save them [store them flat] but don't go buy a box, certainteed's siding stays very consistent over the years,if you ever need that much siding in the future just buy more then

Sorry to differ,
but I hung a lot of certainteed siding over the years, including my own house. Certainteed and the other vinyl manufacturers change some of their colors out every few years. Sometimes it is a subtle shade change, other times they drop a color all together. I used a light gray on my house that was a popular color. The following year when I built my shop next door, they dropped the color. I was lucky enough to find a local company that had bought the remaining inventory and I actually paid a lot less for it. I have a couple of boxes (4 square) sitting upstairs in my shop just for safe keeping in case I need it.
I also had the same thing happen on Certainteed's deck materials. I needed a handful of pieces to finish up my mothers stairs on her deck I built. It took me awhile to do these stairs as I built the main section in my shop and it was too heavy to carry by hand. Had to wait for the weather and get my cousin over with a mini excavotor to haul it and lower it in place. Sure enough, they discontinued the material. I tracked some down about two hours away in Toledo at a wholesale distributor. I had to drive up and get it, but I was lucky enough to find it. Needless to say, I am not a big certainteed fan anymore.
Siding isn't that expensive. I would at least keep a square around for the future.
Mike Hawkins:)

Tom Struble 02-28-2010 10:55 AM

point is you were able to get it,there is always a supply of the standard colors for a few years after,and they really don't change every few years,the last major change was quite some time ago,
not everyone has room to store a box of 12'panels properly,and after a panel has been on the house for sometime, your not going to match the color perfectly even with the original siding

but if you have the room and don't mind spending the money,sure go ahead and buy more i guess

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