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Wolf&Weyana 08-30-2006 05:58 PM

Vinyl Siding
Not so much a Do-it-Yourself question, though we've considered replacing the wood rot ourselves, but nonetheless, here's my dilemma.

Hubby and I have spoken with 5 companies about doing a fairly extensive project for us. It started off as just guttering and gutterguards, but the first estimator pointed out a lot of wood rot on the soffits and fascia (Hubby had noticed, but I had not), so that began figuring in to our estimates as well. He mentioned that if we also did vinyl siding--which we mentioned we were considering--that the soffits, fascia, gutters and gutters would be thrown in for free. Not sure if this estimate included window wrap or not, and I do not think it included freezeboard, which also needs replacing, nor did it include a picture window we want to replace, as discussion of that did not come up until later.

Long and short of the story is that we've had several people come into our house, measure, give us their spiel, and price out the product. We've spoken with the following companies:

Admiral Home Concepts (Possibly local to Kansas City, KS area. Very few search results)
Sears (but we decided against them early on after the estimator was rude and condescending)
ABC Seamless (steel siding...also the priciest)
Amazing Siding (almost as expensive as the steel)
HBC Exteriors (cheapest bid, estimator did not measure just asked if we knew the length of the house and how many squares, which we was a very hot day, but still)

Of these, my husband is liking HBC the best, partly because he and the estimator got to talking and found some comraderie, and the guy was not much of a salesman so he just gave it to us straight. I, on the other hand, while I liked the product more, am not sold on it because he didn't really go over much and his estimate was SO much lower than the others. After he left, of course, we started realizing all the things we should have asked him...addresses of other houses they've done, a picture window we want replaced, and he didn't factor in gutter guards because he doesn't recommend them, and I'm not sure he included the freezeboard either. Plus, of all the estimates we've gotten, his was the only one that carries a LIMITED Lifetime Warranty, meaning it won't transfer to the next owner (this being for Alcoa's "Structure" product). I think Admiral Home Concepts had a first-time transferable with Polar Wall Plus by Norandex Reynolds, but ABC and Amazing were 'forever' transferable, and since it is their own product they use, we will not have to worry as much about colors being discontinued or the company going out of business, because the've been around a lot longer than these other two, as well.

I like the idea of being able to do the WHOLE project for less than one company quoted us for all but the siding, but I am not sure I have that much confidence in this company. I found ONE reference to H.B.C. Exteriors online, and that was a reference in the Kansas City Star archives which I can't access. I think it was only a name and address though, not an actual review. So I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience with any of these companies.

mattp 08-30-2006 09:25 PM

I recommend calling HBC back and explaining to them that you are interested but would like a salesman to come back out and actully measure the house along with discusing some other projects. This will give you a chance to ask about other projects they have done. Before he comes out review the others closely so you can question and compare to his. Some things are water and air barriers behind the siding house wrap or insulation board, will they be removing the old siding, what kind of siding will be installed, how thick is the siding, does it include fascia soffit and window wrap, do they have insurance, are these prices estimates or bids, as far as gutter guards I don't recommend them either set up a contract to have them cleaned every year. Don't know about the contractors you listed except Sears and forget them.

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