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sidewayz 03-15-2011 03:37 PM

Unplum walls
I am thinking about remodeling my 2 car garage. It's an older garage and all of the studs are showing but they aren't plum nor are they 16" on center. One wall seems to be slightly bulging in the center due to the previous owner "nudging" the garage foundation with a car, lol. I'd like to redo electrical, lay insulation and cover the walls with OSB.. How do I tackle the plum problem? is there a way to shore up the original studs or do I need to build new, straight walls next to the originals?

DexterII 03-15-2011 04:58 PM

You'll need to post some pictures of a diagram of sorts, in order to get some useful input. In the mean time, a couple of things to look at... Are opposite walls leaning away from each other, or are they leaning in the same direction? As an example, leaning in the same direction could indicate that the structure is racked, possibly from lack of sheathing or bracing, but away from each other could very likely indicate that the problem is a lack of adequate rafter ties, or ceiling joists, as opposed to a wall problem. How does the roofline look? Is the center of the peak lower than the ends? Run a line along your top and bottom plates; perhaps your walls are not adequately fastened to the foundation. And, speaking of foundation, what kind of shape is it in? Is one side settling? Again, some things to look at.

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