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4just1don 06-03-2010 01:34 PM

under front porch lattice
I have a typical 30-40's style bungalow with open front porch. have 4 large openings of 70 year old lattice and framework below new vinyl siding.

I asked siding installer what to do with them and he said "I dont know". chipping and peeling old paint. I tried covering whole thing with new plastic lattice but can see all old ugly stuff behind and it has to be flush with siding level. Old lattice sat back inside 4 inches or so in a 'layered' arts and crafts fashion.

plastic lumber is darn pricey for as much as is there(for complete replacement of existing and would require removing new siding). Anybody tackle such a project????What would look best??and non paintable. Structure around these holes are not much. Each hole is like 2' wide and 5' long (times 4 )

Thurman 06-03-2010 02:17 PM

This is another of those "photos will help" scenarios. Having worked on these style homes, I think I can imagine what you are describing. Unfortunately it may be best at this point to remove the old lattice and check the condition of the framing it is attached to. IF the framing is still structurally sound, it probably is not holding up any weight for sure, then a good pressure washing, drying, and a new coat of paint. Of course IF the old structure is not good, building a new frame is necessary, and at this point you can build it as you need it. As far a the replacement lattice, the plastic can last a long time but colors are limited. There is "Heavy-Duty" lattice out there which is 1/4" thick strips and pressure treated. After placement and drying some time it can be painted as needed. David

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