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what_silliness 01-15-2011 12:12 AM

Twin Size Loft Bed construction.. for a dummy
Hello all! I am new to this online community, and though I fully believe and support and want to Engender the DIY attitude... my building skills are really ****ty! but I just moved into a new space and I am going to build myself a loft bed, even if it takes me 8 times as long as it should (which it will. well.)

so, before i have Specific questions, i have more general questions about the process

I want to build a loft bed that is for a twin size mattress, that can easily support two people who are engaged in uh, "intense physical activity" haha, a term i've seen used on other sites. Basically I've found a lot of plans/talk of kid loft beds, but I need to know I am building a structure that won't collapse underneath me+1! Also, length wise I'd like the loft to extend for a couple more feet (past the mattress) to allow for some extra space. Underneath there is going to be my sewing area, but I'd love to build in some extra storage space such as drawers/shelves on one side of the loft to hold fabric/materials. The attached image link is an example of something like what i'd like to make.

1.) I have no idea how to approach thinking about how a structure can support weight/ how much weight something will support.
(I know cross beams strengthen, but I have through research on google now seen so many lofts that don't seem to have cross beams.)
What should I be thinking of? What should I know? Maybe, what are the basics to building this?

2.) I want it to be easily deconstructable, as I know myself, and I tend to move. So, a structure that can disassemble without damage to it would be ideal.

3.) I'd like to avoid drilling/bolting into the wall if I can. So, self standing would be the ideal as well.

...Help? :whistling2:


image of loft bed idea:

again, this is WAY WAY fancier then I want, but that type of side shelving/storage units doesn't seem impossible.. right? even if I am a slow builder that doesn't have a sharp practiced drilling/cutting hand?

possibly useful links ? :

Ron6519 01-15-2011 08:48 AM

You provide no size specifications and a restrictive parameter, not attached to the wall. While you can build it on posts like a raised deck, you will need support on the floor below to carry the weight.
I think this is way beyond your skill set to accomplish safely.

what_silliness 01-15-2011 02:53 PM

Hi Ron thanks for your response.

I can provide specifications, but I am asking about the joints and the way this thing will fit together. Say I want it to be L90in. X W45in. and for head clearance to be 6 feet above the floor. I know I should use bolts, should I use L brackets? or another joiner? Essentially isn't a loft bed a glorified load-bearing table, and I need it to hold safely say, 350 pounds.

What do you mean by floor support- attaching to the floor?

It being easily portable is a wish, but not a necessity, though it seems if built smartly that is possible.

Please don't assume my skill set is insufficient. I've built things before-puppet sets, puppets, but smaller scale. I know I am a slow builder, and not an expert builder and thus I am asking for structural and joint help. Seems the opposite of a DIY attitude to tell me I can't do something, as I am willing to invest my time into this.

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