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NewUser1 07-07-2008 03:29 PM

Tuckpointing vs. Caulking
Hello all,

I have recently gotten two estimates from contractors about my split faced block exterior walls. Both have said they will tuckpoint any holes, openings or cracks OR caulk when necessary. I asked them when caulking would be necessary and they said all the areas where there might be movement caused by weather or by other forces. The reason for this is that tuckpointing will break within a couple years anway and that caulking will last alot longer. I was always under the impression that caulking is bad for split faced blocks and you should always tuckpoint instead. What are your thoughts on this? When is caulking OK?


amakarevic 07-07-2008 04:00 PM

i am curious whether some sort of a two-part EPOXY would be even more applicable here, albeit i am sure considerably pricier ?

yesitsconcrete 07-09-2008 08:33 AM

IF there're vertical joints in the masonary wall, a joint sealant is the mtl of choice ( polyurethane's fine - we like polysulfide for longer life ) applied over suitable joint wall prep & closed cell backer rod,,, this is also the method to use where said wall meets any structure.

masonary is pointed, not caulked - altho we may just be talking semantics.

caulk/sealant is always noticeable on masonary but, sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention,,, modern mortars aren't as flexible/soft/forgiving as originally used on old bricks - the patches stand out horribly when done incorrectly.

all this being posted, they had eyes on the job & i only read your post.

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