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Luv2Plan 10-11-2009 11:10 AM

Tring to calculate cost per sq. ft for addition.
We live in Southern Orange County California, in San Clemente. We are considering adding on to the back of our small house. I have drawn up basic plans (have space planning experience, so they are fairly accurate, but not 'official') But enough to calculate that we want to put on an additional 1175 sq. ft. We've remodeled inside already, and this would add a family room, bedroom, and guest bath, as well as increase our bedroom size. No kitchen, that would be unaffected. This would be a mostly dry build, the 2 rooms only needing electrical, and the bathroom to be trenched and plumbed obviously. We are currently at 1635 sq. ft. We want to set a hard dollar amount, and stick to it, but need to know if it is even feasible. Wondering what the cost per sq. ft. is running these days to get us framed, electrified, insulated, roofed, plumbed, stuccoed, and drywalled. The rest we would finish up as we can afford. We don't need finish costs like cabinetry, etc, we would just need to replace the whole house flooring, and would not be displaced during construction. Our good friend is a plumber, so we've got that handled too. I know work is not as in demand these days for construction, but don't know the going dollar amount in this area. Advice from a local builder would help us decide whether to go forward, or just be happy with what we have.....

Scuba_Dave 10-11-2009 11:38 AM

This site is geared towards DIY, not cost estimates
Prices vary widely by area, your best bet is to get several local estimates & check references
Thank you

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