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timrec 02-13-2011 03:37 PM

Tree house project plans needed.
I am planning to build a tree house this summer with my son. I have some rough plans that I picked up off the internet but they aren't really complete plans. I've got some 6x8" "D" logs left over from our log home that I plan to use as the four corners. I want to make the tree house 8' x 8' so I can use standard lumber and 4x8 sheets of plywood for the flooring. My son wants the tree house to be fully enclosed so he can spend the night in the summertime so it needs a roof, window and door. He wants a trap door on the bottom that he can climb up through to get in. Also I want to put in some beds that drop down from the wall in order to save space inside. My logs for the corners are not treated, so I can't bury the logs in the ground, rather I plan to sit the four corners on block or something.
I really could use a more complete set of plans for this project. If someone knows of where I could get plans for this sort of tree house, please let me know.

hoddys 02-13-2011 08:38 PM

Go to the library, my local library had quite a few treehouse books. The books offer several plans and will help you figure out exactly what you want before you start building. One of the best books we picked up from the library was "build your kids a treehouse" by Black and Decker. Good luck!

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