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KatieAK 11-19-2009 06:59 PM

Touch n' Foam (spray) 'Pro System' - good product?
Hi there,

Anyone know of this DIY spray foam product? It's Touch N' Foam brand, and while they do have regular disposable cans (like Great Stuff), they also have a 'Pro System', using cylinder and 2-component systems, with coverage (per system purchased) ranging from 15 board feet (1.25 cubic feet) to 600 board feet.

I'm interested in the 15 system, to use in a project where I'm foaming in many pieces of rigid insulation to the bottom of cantilevered floor joist bays (to air seal).... But wanted to see if it's a good product/system first. Anyone have feedback on it, good or bad?

Apparently it has a preattached hose and applicator wand, epands 30x, has a claimed R7.12/in., and cures in under a minute. You can use it over the course of a few weeks I was told (vs. the single-use scenario w/ cans) -- there's some way to cap and reuse? Runs $29.99 for the Pro 15 system here in Anchorage, AK. The product info. also claims it "offers controlled linear dispensing for larger projects" -- which seems to fit my bill, with the amount of 'seam-sealing' I'll be doing (foaming boards to joist walls, and along other wood seams in the subfloor cavity).

[Side question -- if this has a 30x expansion rate, does anyone know how that compares to the Great Stuff line -- would that be similar to the red can for Gaps/Cracks, or the Big Gaps one? I'm hoping this Touch n' Foam won't be 'overkill' for my situation....]

Thanks in advance for any 'reviews' or tips you might have for this system (for a new-to-the-DIY-world gal),

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